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Wednesday, October 13, 2004
State of the Novel Report 1  
Ladies and gentlemen of the blogosphere, honored NaNoWriMo participants, beloved guests:

Today I stand before you a writer of... well, not much of anything, yet, because National Novel Writing Month doesn't start for another three weeks. And yet still I feel in my heart that great progress towards my ongoing project has been made.

Work has begun on pre-writing; why, this very day, we have successfully identified our heroine's goals, why we're writing this story -- even, in fact, the central point of conflict about which the entire work revolves! Do not say, "where is the first chapter," for that time is not yet come. Say, instead, "these are definitely writing exercises," for we have a ton of those. Each day we have produced a five-minute exercise on a random topic -- and for the last several exercises, we have gone so far as to write these exercises from the point of view of our main character!

Yet there is still much work to do -- there are as yet many maps, many diagrams, even many character biographies to produce. We have a limited amount of time, and blogging may be limited. But do not worry, as from this day forth there will be a daily word count of at least 3000 amongst all my published works, whether they be here on this blog, or at the LiveJournal, or in such articles and essays as we may, from time to time, make available on the internet. I cannot say that these words will all be good -- but they will be plentiful, as we are gearing up for the trial that is a deadline of 50,000 words written in a short 30 day period. And hey, isn't the blogosphere at least as much about volume as it is about quality? I know you know it's true.

In the next few days, look forward to seeing more information about the actual project at hand. Perhaps even new and interesting forms of content that are as yet in development. Weep not for the lack of words on this blog, for they are being sacrificed for a greater cause. And in any event this blog shall resume its undirected verbosity after the first of December.

Thank you, my friends, and good night.


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