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Sunday, October 31, 2004
Difficult Choices  
Ack! This evening I finished watching my tapes of last week's "Lost" and "West Wing" (I was at a NaNoWriMo Columbus meeting at the best Borders I've ever been in), finished my comfort food dinner. Now, I realized at around 4pm -- which was the time I woke up, more than 14 hours after going to bed the previous evening -- that it'd been more than a week since I had a day off from dealing with the world at large; considering the overall absence of nearly psychotic "LEAVE ME ALONE NOW I MUST GET AWAY FROM YOU PEOPLE STOP TALKING TO ME ARRRRRGHHH" thoughts and random comments form myself to other people yesterday I think I handled the social overload rather well!) since... well, at least my birthday (if you don't count my birthday as a real day off, it's more like 11 days), so I was rather overdue for some intense relaxation.

Anyway, I finished watching the tapes, put away the stuff I moved into the living room to watch them, washed my dishes -- and then, as I was getting ready to transfer back down to the basement for the evening, I got to channel 49 -- Spike TV -- and found "Star Trek: The Next Generation" episodes playing. Whoa, I thought, that's cool. A commercial came -- one chance to briefly scan around and see if anything more compelling is on -- and so I moved to Channel 50, TNT. Which had "Stand By Me" on.

Yes, that's right, I had to choose between awesome Wil Wheaton related Star Trek episodes, and awesome Wil Wheaton AND Jerry O'Connell filled Stephen King novella-cum-movie goodness. What a crisis!

In the end I chose "Stand By Me," because it comes on less frequently than Star Trek, and the Star Trek episodes on didn't have Wil in them. Would that all the choices we have to face this week were this inconsequential...

Anyway, that's what I did today. Very exciting, yes? Of course yes!

(I did other stuff, too, don't worry -- progress was made on the constructed language for my NaNovel, a title was selected, message board posts were made, etc. -- though really, my whole system apparently declared a vacation on me without any kind of a planning meeting or formal announcement, and I'd hardly call this evening spectacularly productive; about the only thing of consequence I've done since waking up is fill the car with gas)


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