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Friday, October 22, 2004
Candidate Match  
So, I decided to take the Candidate Match thing at our local CBS affiliate's website:

10TV Candidate Match

Amongst the Presidential candidates, I got the following scores of agreement:

Michael Badnarik (Libertarian) -- 2,000
George Bush (Republican) -- 1,400
Michael A. Peroutka (Constitution) -- 1,400
John F. Kerry (Democratic) -- -200

As to the Senatorial race in Ohio, the results were similar:

George Voinovich (Republican) -- 1,150
Eric D. Fingerhut (Democratic) -- -200

And, for my Congressional district... (the Ohio 7th)

Dave Hobson (Republican) -- 1,850
Kara Anastasio (Democratic) -- -750

What's interesting to me? My congressional Republican candidate ranks higher than the President, while my senatorial Republican candidate ranks lower than the Constitution party Presidential candidate (!!!). More interestingly, the congressional candidate, Hobson, ranks closer to the Libertarian candidate (overall, though not much on the specific issues) than the President does. Weird. I have to wonder if the senatorial Democratic candidate, Fingerhut, has the same platform as Kerry. That would seem to me an unwise tactic, and there are other reasons to explain why he and Kerry have identical agreement scores (when compared to me), since of course this thing is based on calculating "distance from agreement" and then adding "how relevant to the voter" multipliers. In other words, there are many roads that lead to a -200 score.

And meanwhile, I don't feel nearly as bad about voting a "party" ticket as I usually do (it seems intellectually weak), as the agreement scores here are pretty straightforward. I have no intention of voting for the Constitution party candidate, and I feel that in this case, in this place, a vote for Badnarik would be irresponsible. It's mildly comforting that he and I agree overall, but when you look at some of the places where we disagree most strongly (i.e. where I said "very important" he said "not important", or he said "strongly disagree" to my "strongly agree"), it's quite frankly a matter of non-negotiable matters. I wouldn't go so far as to take a "single issue voter" stance ala InstaPundit, but I can't in good conscience take the Libertarian party seriously this year.

Last time around (my first election EVER) was different. We weren't at war. For crying out loud, look at what was dominating the news cycle from April 2000 to September 10th 2001. Doesn't anyone else remember how much airtime was being granted to Gary Condit? It was easy, and largely relevant, to sit in a nifty "debate watching" event with John Glenn and say on regional news networks that I didn't see any material difference between the two candidates, based on what they were saying. I see a difference now. End of story.

The fact that I agree with Bush so much more than I agree with Kerry is, quite frankly, icing on the cake of responsibility.


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