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Tuesday, September 14, 2004
This isn't a debate...  
This is a slaughter (credit:InstaPundit). This so-called "Rathergate" is already decided for everyone who's paying attention, and at this point I'm calling it a complete fiasco and closing the book on the matter. It's a mopping up action now, getting the word out about what happened to those folks who don't use the Internet when they want to get news, consoling those interns who need to find a way of making the last three months not look like a complete joke, etc. CBS has had the equivalent of fifteen eternities to respond to this, even by the low standards of old media news cycle; there is no way they have a cogent argument to make defending these memos -- and even if they could come up with pure gold argument, no one is listening anymore. The First Lady is saying they're forgeries. This is Laura Bush, people. Doesn't anyone remember how much she hates political speeches? I mean, for crying out loud.

I've been waiting with extraordinary patience over the last four days, for a robust rebuttal by CBS, of some very convincing evidence, and time has run out. I doubt many disinterested observers would dispute the notion that more thought has gone into their idiotic low-yield non-responses, than went into the forgeries themselves. I don't think many people would care if a full-scale investigation were launched at CBS now, except for the brute satisfaction of seeing people get fired for this utter screw-up. Oh, and the amusement of seeing the rest of the old media having to cover this without using weasel words or tactics.

What's really inconceivable to me is that this was so easy to disprove. Is CBS used to passing things off that are this patently absurd? What about the rest of the old media? I mean, these broadcast organizations have been around for 75 years or more, and have only be subjected to serious (albeit somewhat inconsistent) fact-checking by a truly decentralized network of independent journalists and commentators (i.e. bloggers) for a little less than 4 years, by my calendar (even less if you're looking for the kind of 'critical mass' of bloggers reached after Sept. 11th). For the most part, the blogosphere ignores the traditional 6:30pm news broadcasts, as near as I can tell, favoring the blogger-friendly 24-hour news channels. I rarely see any commentary, positive or negative, about what is said or done on 20/20, or even Ted Koppel. What could be slipping by while the blogosphere is freaking out about something asisnine? Memes tend to be fleeting; we're all busy people and there's a lot going in the world and none of us (well, almost none of us) are getting paid for this. Is anyone keeping an eye on what has turned out to be the 3-foot-tall brachiasaur (the full sized ones survived almost entirely because they were so huge)? I mean, sure, the pickings are slim in terms of actual meat, but a lot of the less-aware omnivorish types are still getting their entire diet from these species, and behooves the more alert members of the pack to, you know, figure out what the wee beasties are up to.


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