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Friday, September 10, 2004
It's not just CBS that needs a good talking-to...  
No sir, Entertainment Weekly, that paragon of mediocrity in a field hardly known for it's outstanding committment to journalistic integrity and basic human decency, is just asking for a smackdown. Fortunately, about 150 of Wil Wheaton's readers are willing and able to provide it (note: there is some mature language on Wil's site). Now, I'm not one to condone or advocate an un-Christian approach to dealing with slights and insults, but in this case, I think a good old-fashioned complaint letter is in order (I sent this email today, to letters@ew.com):

I just read the blurb you call "Whiner of the Week" in this week's edition. I have to tell you that I stopped buying Entertainment Weekly regularly some time ago, and I'm even more satisfied with that decision today than I was at the time. I suggest that you take the time to actually read the words of authors you criticize and mock, before actually putting your unfounded assumptions into print where thousands of people can see you prove just how unprofessional you are. In particular, I'd like to welcome you to read more than the first thirty pages of Wil Wheaton's most recent book (and any of the pages from his first one, "Dancing Barefoot"), so that you're more adequately prepared to present him with the apology we all know he deserves for your treatment. Your future success depends entirely on your reputation amongst your audience and sources; egregious misrepresentations like this one will only hasten your downfall. And I, for one, won't be sorry to see you gone, as your magazine is currently occupying space that would be more beneficially allotted to, well, anyone else.

Gotta love the sound of columnists and editors squirming in their seats. For heaven's sake, how long will it take people to figure out that annoying the heck out of geeks, nerds, and intellectuals with internet connections is just... bad for one's sanity?


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