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Friday, September 17, 2004
I have the most useless pair of scissors ever  
And the will to use them on... well, nothing at all. They're useless, you see.

As it may be clear from the above sentences, I'm very bored right now. Due to a conspiracy of scheduling interests, my family is off doing interesting things (law school, seeing a movie) while I sit around, wait for my clothes to dry, and contemplate the Truth of My Existence, which is that I have nothing concrete to do until 6:30pm, which is when I leave for work.

I don't really feel like talking about politics right now; I can't update my Starlight Jar logo until after I work and earn that next dollar (it's a point of truth with me; I don't want to have that logo be merely "accurate" -- I said I'd put in a dollar after working and earning $10, and that's what I'm going to do). I don't feel like playing The Sims (though that's probably what I'll do -- my new Sim, Elisabeth, is supposed to be working on her network of contacts, and her vacation isn't working as well towards that end as I'd like it to) or Age of Empires, or whatever. I'm not even in the mood for a solid few hours of scriptural reading, though I REALLY should be, as I want to get caught up before Stake Conference and I'm trying to meditate more on Temple-stuff before Conference starts (we had the 5th anniversary of the dedication of the Columbus Temple, which dedication I missed due to being on my internship in DC, on the 4th -- anyway, the Temple is going to be the focus of the Conference, I believe).

In any case, I just got through another fifteen minutes by writing this post, which I'll count as a victory. Now, the shower calls to me, 90 minutes earlier than it should. Glarphg. At least I can drive myself to work today (thanks for car use, Caroline!)


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