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Monday, September 06, 2004
Hi, Ed  
Thanks for commenting on my post. Oh, and thanks for posting the video (it's in the comments to this post) of the protestor being escorted out of Nationwide Arena the other day. For what it's worth, I think you can see the (still very cute) Secret Service guy doing exactly what I said he did, i.e. escorting the protestor out. I was sitting about twenty rows down from where that doorway they exited from was (my sisters might be able to help me out -- section 110 or something?), and over in the seats next to the stairs for the next door (in other words, a triangle with a moderately oblique angle would be formed if you drew one, amongst points represented by me, the guy's starting position, and that -- oh heck just look at the graphic below)

Anyway, there wasn't a clear field of vision from me to the door. The part of the video that you're likely most concerned by, and seem to be referring to, takes place when they're at the top of the stairs going up to the door, which meant that I also didn't get the advantage of that cool 15% grade or whatever it is that allowed me to still see the guy when he was 15 feet above my head level AND that far away, anymore. As a result, while the problem you're talking about (which I'll get to in a second) took place right around the green dotted line in my drawing (which stinks, I know), I didn't see anything past the blue line (or thereabouts; the blue line was a little closer to the green line in reality but hey, this is a hand-made done in five minutes). Not counting all the people (some of whom were standing, a lot of whom had signs and such) who were between me and the "action." More to the point, I never saw anything past that moment when the guy started waving his hands. Maybe, 0:33 in the video.

In any case, regardless of what I saw, you can see in the video that Cute Secret Service Guy was politely escorting the whole time. The person who did all the grabbing and pulling was, it looks to me, one of the (dozens/hundreds?) of Columbus police officers assisting with the event. Don't blame the Bush campaign, the Secret Service, or me. In fact, I wouldn't waste our collective time talking to the Bush campaign, the Secret Service, OR me about it -- instead, ask the Columbus Police what was going on. Everything I saw in person made me think higher of the campaign, the Secret Service, etc., and raised my contempt of the protestors (not by much in that case, I already had a lot of contempt for them for being disruptive and rude; the "Heil Bush" thing brought it from a level of 85 out of 100 to maybe 92-93). If you started out with a high level of contempt for the campaign, the Secret Service, etc., and a low level of contempt for the protestors, I don't wonder that this video hasn't changed your mind.

The fact that Bush was speaking reasonably and articulately and the protestor was shrieking what amounts to "hey, you people are all Nazis", not only deserves a nod to Godwin's law, it also makes me even less inclined to let the actions of one Columbus police officer change my opinion significantly.

Incidentally, Ed, is that your real email? If so, how long ago did you get it; I signed up for AOL in 1992 or thereabouts, and they insisted on long usernames even then. In fact, that's why I went and created the username "lloannna." I'd be interested in getting to know anyone with an email like that.

Which reminds me to ask that if you're going to put a nonsense email in your comments, folks, please use one that's so obviously fake, no one would ever think of using it to send a reply (i.e. nobody@icantsay.foo). Just because you and I get it doesn't mean that all the people who get to my blog by hitting "Next Post" will.


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