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Tuesday, September 14, 2004
CNN On Blogs...  
I'm sitting here watching the Paula Zahn Now segment on blogs. They started with some of the file bits (the Daily Kos and Glenn Reynolds interviews from the DNC), and now they're talking to Bob Johnson from FreeRepublic, and Reynolds. Both seem to be coming off well -- Johnson in particular fits *perfectly* in the TV environment, which makes sense since he's the FR official spokesman (at least, that's how CNN billed him). But the InstaPundit is doing well, too.

Okay, now they're done (I liked Prof. Reynolds' last words -- "this has been blogged to death, and they should admit their error" pretty much sums it up for me, too). The next bit is going to be about Wonkette (they just showed some more of that DNC footage, with her "rougage" vs. "dessert" quote), so I'll be going back to the History Channel or something. I thought the segment on political blogs was interesting enough, in the sense that it got to the key points, didn't dither about with (much) silliness about how bloggers are immature/chaotic partisan/pajama-wearing amateurs, and hey, I got to see such classic names as USS Clueless (we miss you, Steven!) and IMAO on TV. Woot. I find it interesting (and maybe a little annoying) that the blog story is the way they get into mentioning the CBS document deal. With respect to everyone at PowerLine, LGF, Free Republic, etc., this isn't a blogging issue. This is a truth-in-public-discourse issue, and should be the lead story, with a hearty nod to the blogosphere in the process -- not the other way around. Right now, the blogosphere doesn't need the respect and welcome from the main stream media nearly as much as the issues at the heart of this situation need to be recognized, acknowledged, and dealt with by that media.

In other words, if CNN would devote 20 minutes to a line-by-line analysis of the forgeries in prime time, I'd be happy to forego seeing my favorite blogs on TV for at least a month. Maybe two. Come on, guys. Like they told me at my church youth conference in 1998, the world is watching!


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