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Tuesday, August 31, 2004
This is sad...  
And I feel bad for Steven Den Beste. He's one of my favorite online authors, alongside James Lileks (this is opposed to favorite bloggers -- I don't categorize Lileks or Den Beste alongside Glenn Reynolds or Frank J., because they're doing something clearly different, I think). But if I got this kind of email every two days, I'd stop writing, too, I think. And stuff like this is just so unproductive that if I regularly encountered it, I'd probably take a year off of the internet. It's really regrettable that he's taking what amounts to an indefinite leave of absence from writing, because I felt that what he was writing was insightful and informative and also (more importantly) because at one time he really got a lot out of it.

At the same time that I mourn his absence from the online world, though, I also admire his ability to step back and say "no more." Sometimes there are things that take more out of you than they give back, and it can take a lot of guts (and energy) to actually walk away from them. I can say with growing certainty that I stayed at Disneyland about eight months longer than was probably healthy for me or them; the level of bitterness and disenchantment (partially for objectively valid reasons, and partially due to withdrawal) would have been a lot lower if I had quit sooner, and I'd probably be a lot more likely to actually want to step foot inside the Happiest Place on Earth (and spend money on Disney stuff in the future) if I had. At this point the likelihood of me going to Disneyland to enjoy myself is approximately the same as the likelihood of me going to a Southern Baptist Convention anti-Mormon rally for the fellowship and spiritually uplifting feelings. I hope that Den Beste is stepping away early enough that he'll think about writing again, in six months or a year or whatever, and not want to blow up his computer.

And I hope that the work he's already done will stay online, because I thought it was very valuable (and educational). The internet would feel like a less interesting place without his posts.

Meanwhile, as long as the site is up at all, it'll stay on my blog roll. That way when I go through looking for dead sites and URL changes, I'll be able to see if he's come back yet. Hope to see you again soon, Steve.


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