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Wednesday, August 25, 2004
I'm trying to strike a balance amongst all the different stuff I'm supposed to keep track of. Finding a job. Making money to go to California (in December, and again for the Star Wars line in April) and Washington, DC (in February, for the Foreign Service exam). Studying for the Foreign Service exam. Setting up my room. Getting involved with the local political scene. Making friends at church (and getting just plain back to active status, both in a spiritual sense and in a "actually going to church every week" sense). Figuring out how to get places in Ohio (and how to avoid the insane traffic jams that are the direct result of SOMEONE putting BOTH ways of getting into town from our house under construction -- reducing everyone in the area to one lane in each direction). Planning to go to this reunion for some of my longest-standing online buddies in October. Keeping in touch with my friends and family in California. Actually making some bold steps towards An Actual Career Of Some Kind. Making a firm committment towards an actual career of some kind. Getting this degree thing sorted out with Ohio State. Starting to pay off my student loans. Making sure that everyone who needs my address has it, and everyone who wants money from me has told me and I'm working with them, and everyone who has money that's supposed to be mine ALSO is being worked with.

And then there's that blog/internet presence/creativity thing. Not to mention veg time, without which I will go insane (or more importantly, I'll just not do ANYTHING about the stuff in that paragraph above, and instead will over-veg for a few weeks until things get Certifiably Horrible). In any event, things are a little bit nuts for me right now, and I have a million ideas about how to solve each thing, and I'm sort of trying to implement all of those million ideas at once (you can guess how much attention any one goal is getting right about now).

So, priorities. Stuff I can take care of now vs. later. Stuff that will hurt me the most if I don't take care of it. Stuff that just can't not get finished in the next two weeks, and stuff that can wait until after Christmas. Blogging and creative stuff is going on a back burner. In the summer kitchen. On the vacation property. To put it another way, I'll be blogging a few times a week, when I can, and it'll be just as much a veg activity as playing The Sims or re-learning the violin stuff I learned in 4th grade. ^_^ If you're worried whether or not I'm still alive, PLEASE take this as an invitation to email or call me, or even send me a real live snail-mail letter. Okay? Okay. I'll post again when I get the chance. And things will hopefully start getting organized soon.


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