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Wednesday, August 11, 2004
Wow, so recovering from a complete hard drive failure is quite possibly even LESS fun than one would think it to be. Oh, sure, there have been joyful moments -- finding an MP3 off a compact disk that my CD player won't play anymore, discovering that I really DID save MapEdit to CD, realizing that not all of my school records and papers are trapped on a drive whose little spinning motor doesn't spin anymore (otherwise known as my brand new 8.0mb paperweight). But there's a lot more headaches; I don't have my favorite programs (like WinAmp 2.0 with all those skins, some of which were made by my friends and are probably lost for all time), I don't have ANY of my recent playlists, a ton of my regularly used documents are gone, and a bunch of my programs (including MapEdit) are just the install files. That is to say, I paid to register them, and now they're crippled and/or useless. And that's not even counting all the Win 3.1x/95/98/Me stuff that doesn't want to work on Windows 2000, or the fact that I now don't have ANY version of publisher and a gazillion documents are useless.

Plus, I had to leave my speakers and microphone in California (actually, they had to get trashed; the wiring was destroyed). Combine that with the fact that my CDRW drive was no longer functioning (in it's place -- a 16x CD reader) and the fact that I don't have a good digital camera (an emergency 1.3mp $50 Target camera, though, I do have), and I feel like I'm some kind of bizarre blind and deaf and SLOW person. At least on my computer.

There have been a few upsides to my current position. I can reinstall a lot of programs I had to leave in Ohio in 2001, and some older programs my sisters have lying around. Plus, while I wait for things to reinstall and such, there's a treadmill. I thought I was HORRIBLY out of shape, because 3.0 mph was a ton of work, and then I realized that I was working so hard because I was trying to go faster than the treadmill was set for. My natural speed is actually more like 4.2mph (walking, not really breathing hard, still having shouting matches with CNN without difficulty); my goal is to get to 7.4 (which would definitely be running ^_^) and be able to do that for an hour at a stretch. Given how much I'm walking now (stuuuupid slow computer), I think I'll be there before the Star Wars line.

In other news, I'm still looking for a job. It's not really looking so much as fantasizing; I don't have a car yet exactly, and I won't pass the Ohio drivers' license vision test until I get new glasses. Caroline has the car most of the time during the day (My mom's is in Michigan and my stepfather's is at the airport), so I've got a really good idea of what opportunities are out there, and my resume is ready to go, but I can't actually apply for jobs (we're 4.3 miles from the nearest malls and restaraunts, and there's no bus line this far from the city). But I do have happy news on the job front, in one respect -- I passed the Foreign Service written exam! I'm going to be taking the oral exam in February, about twenty feet away from the office where I had my internship in 1999 (it's a former USIA building, which at the time was sharing space with a Hilton, I think, and was across the street from the Dept. of Education). I don't think the homefield advantage will be all that super, but there's a McDonald's on the first floor and I know how to get there on the subway, and I'll REALLY enjoy going back to my old digs. No one I know will be there, though; my internship involved working for a political appointee (Dr. Bader, Asst. Sec. of State for Educationl and Cultural Affairs), who's certainly been replaced by now.

Anyway, that's pretty much everything that's going on here. In case you have any interesting or fun files (Evil Overlord lists, computer joke lists, LDS quotes, whatever), pleeeeeease send them to me (lloannna@gmail.com). ANYTHING that might be considered interesting, send it my way. Please! It's driving me crazy, trying to remember all the places I've been online in the last 10 years and what I used to have.


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