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Thursday, August 19, 2004
Job Hunting  
So. A bazillion people are all looking for jobs simultaneously here in Ohio. It's a sad state of affairs for me; the last time I went looking for a job here it took two days, and it only took that long because I didn't apply to a food service establishment until the second day. I'm going to see if the magic still holds, and apply at the same place I got a job at last time (the Easton Steak n'Shake), tomorrow. Today was frustrating, because I only had time to apply at three places: Cracker Barrel, TGI Friday's, and Kohl's. If I'd known that Kohl's was accepting applications from 8am to 8pm, I could have squeezed in Applebee's, or the Steak n'Shake near my house, but I figured they were a 9-5 operation (there's no phone number, just a trailer outside the construction site). Everyone other than Kohl's has asked that people apply between 2pm and 4pm, Tuesday through Thursday. And there's only so many jobs one can apply for in a two hour period. Today I got a late start (left the house at 1:55pm-ish); tomorrow I'm going to Easton Town Center first (aiming to leave at 10am), and will try to be back in Pickerington by 2pm to apply at Applebee's, the nearer Steak n'Shake, and Uno's (a bar/grill/pizza place).

I'm also, regrettably, going to start applying at what I would normally classify as "desperation" locations. You know what I mean. Minimum wage in Ohio is still $5.15, I believe (that's what's great about food service; you get paid $2.13/hour PLUS tips), so minimum wage type jobs are a lot less desirable than tipped jobs or temp jobs (I'll be blitzing the temp agencies on either Friday or Monday, depending on how tomorrow goes). Blech. I planned originally on applying to at least 100 locations; I don't want to have to get more photocopies of my resume done.

(incidentally, every application I fill out dramatically reduces my success rate -- before I moved to California, I'd never applied for a job that didn't result in getting hired for or at least offered a position; now I'm more like one out of two [I've applied at, in my estimation, 30 places, and worked at 12, including internships and the like], and today I added 10% to the "application" list and a big fat NOTHING to the "hired/job offer" list.) Stupid economy.


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