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Monday, May 31, 2004
"What Not To Wear" is a television program aired on TLC, which stands for The Learning Channel. Apparently the lesson of the day is "your personal style is stupid, foolish, immature, and irresponsible, because two obnoxious hyper-postmodern idiots say so, so we're going to publicly trash your lifestyle, your fashion choices, and pretty much everything else, while also literally throwing away a lot of stuff you enjoy wearing, that matches your personality, because we're judgemental morons with no sense of individuality." But I'm not annoyed with them at all.

Seriously. I hate this show. Right now there's an episode being re-run, where a 24 year old woman is subjecting herself to complete humilation at the hands of these self-absorbed twits, for reasons I can't begin to fathom. Apparently her friends decided she lacked spiffiness, and quite frankly, they should all be forced to wear little black minidresses and 5 inch heels for a month as payback. Even the men. This girl was happy, carefree, fun, and interesting. These people want to turn her into a new Stepford wife; forcing her into their conceptions of how she should live. It's not like she asked for help -- she felt fine! And they bullied her into conformity with standards she never even cared about. What really annoys me is the look on her face when they're goading her and mocking her; she's all bravely trying to smile and accept and internalize their stupidity and she looks like she's ready to cry. She has a marvelous willingness to look on the positive side of their nonsense. All I can hope for is that she got to reclaim her actual property at the end -- maybe she can return the boring, conformist, let's-all-look-like-we-want-to-be-in-New-York junk they coerced her into buying. I hope these people, in fifteen years, hear nothing but horrible, painful, relentless criticism about choices they were perfectly happy with. From obnoxious thirtysomethings who get paid too much to be entirely too evil for words.

Oh, and I hope they languish in ratings pergatory for another year and then get replaced. I want them to be serving me coffee at the toniest Starbucks in Beverly Hills, because I want to be able to say "I'm sorry, I don't DRINK coffee. Incidentally, that green apron is so 1997, hon -- why don't you trash it in favor of one of those properly hip white aprons like they wear across the way at that much better coffee shop across the street?" And then walk out without tipping them. Except I would never do it, because I'm not an egotistical overprivileged freak of modern media, like some
people I could talk about. My favorite quote from Clinton? "I'm waiting to get socked in the mouth one of these days." I'm waiting to see it on the internet and turn it into my avatar of the week. ^_^


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