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Friday, May 21, 2004
Nosiree folks, this is the real thing. Today I saw "The Butterfly
Effect" and the final episode of "Angel." Let's get it on!

Spoilers Ahead For: The Butterfly Effect

So this movie was actually really cool. I have to say I had
incredibly low expectations, seeing as how it has Ashton Kutcher in
it, and he's, you know, Ashton Kutcher. I mean, really. Demi Moore.
Punk'd. Demi Moore. That 70's Show. A bizarre movie with Brittany
Murphy. Demi Moore.

Anyway, he rose above his own aura of idiocy, and the movie was pretty
excellent. I have to say I have an intrinsic dislike for moments
where characters visiting from the future break the rules and start
smacking people on the head with the reality that they're from the
future. I think the fabric of space-time ought to be ruptured forever
and the offender sucked into himself and an eternal dark place where
existance is only to be hoped for, as punishment. Obviously, the
writers disagree. Other flaws include a bit of excessive angst (every
change makes things much much worse, in a way that's incomprehensibly
bad) and obviously a well-earned R rating. I think that most of its
flaws are overcome by the fact that they didn't cheat in the end,
which makes me happy. Overall, I'd probably give it a 7/10, and buy
it on discount from Wal-Mart.

So ends the spoilers for The Butterfly Effect

Spoilers Ahead for the final episode of Angel

I also saw the final episode of Angel. I have to say that if you'd
asked me before I started getting caught up on this last season, I'd
have told you you were insane to think that Angel had already run it's
course. I mean, my gosh man, it's only been five seasons! They're
going strong! Then I found out about Conner. And Cordelia. And
Fred. And then I missed ten episodes (or something) and there was
Lindsay! Blech, I say, clearly, they've had enough.

In any case, the ending makes up for the end of Buffy, I think. I'm
not one for big conclusions that wrap everything up in four segments
totalling 22 minutes (or 44, for your drama series). The moving out
episode (yes, Friends, I'm looking at you) is so 1988. After Growing
Pains, it just stopped being useful. Buffy moved out, but only after
blowing up the town (they had to top the school blowing up, I guess),
and that annoys me. Especially now that I know she didn't just move
out, she went to Europe. How very... I don't know, what was that show
with the four girls and the stern cook/maid/housemother? It'll come
to me.

I liked the open ending. Jackie is convinced they all die, but I
think it leaves room for hope. I like that we don't see if Angel or
Spike regain their humanity. I like that Illyria and Charles are
still around, that we know Lorne escaped (though I felt really
horrible for him, being the one who had to kill Lindsay -- Lindsay
deserved it; Lorne didn't), that Spike is still going at it. I'm
actually glad for Wesley; he deserved peace and happiness, far more
than the folks who died at the end of Buffy (though I was glad to be
rid of Anya). I'm sort of torn as to how I feel about Illyria's
"lying" at the end. I know it made it easier for him, I guess, but I
hope he was gone enough to have forgotten it was a lie, at least. He
was my favorite character on Angel (Daniel Jackson on SG-1 taught me
that my favorite characters are always in tremendous peril and usually
die at least twice during a series' run). I also liked the hint that
there was still more we didn't understand -- Conner being told that
Angel couldn't be harmed by the folks at W&H as long as Conner was
okay? Cool.

Still, I wish the series could have gone on. I thought it still had
potential. I understand that after what, 13 years, of playing or
writing for the same characters, life could become tiresome. But darn
it, this was really entertaining, thoughtful, charming, amusing, and
silly stuff, and I enjoyed it. Here's hoping Joss Whedon comes up
with something even better for us soon.

And here ends the spoilers for the final episode of Angel.

Gosh, that was fun. This email-to-blogger thing is going to become
extremely addictive, though I have to mess around a bit with forced
line breaks, it seems...


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