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Thursday, May 20, 2004
And it was great, but I did it because to give in would be the Wrong Thing To Do, and we can't have that. Mind you, they probably deserved it, but in any case, I think my missive went to the people who actually might care (or at least not trash it in irritation). Yes, that's right, I lodged my complaint about the Blogger redesign with the "Wish/Suggestion" people, instead of the "Something's Broken" people. Sure, all of Blogger is broken. No, that's still the unethical selection amongst the three given. In any case, it'll probably turn out to be the same underpaid underling at Google who reads it, and they won't care at all, and will check off a few tick marks on their comment sheet ("Hates New Blogger But Is Extremely Annoying and Evidently Unhinged and Should Be Ignored: ||||| ||||| |||| ||||| ||"). Hopefully there'll be a bunch more sheets filled with tick marks for just that line. It's their labor hours to burn, baby.

In any case, here's what I wrote, minus the actual text of the post just below this one (as I write it, anyway) and with the URLs properly linkified with standard HTML goodness. Yay.

"Hello. I read in your replies to another user's comments that you were monitoring all the questions and comments regarding your new redesign. I'd like to share my opinion with you now, by quoting from my personal blog entry on the subject. Before I start, I'd like to add that I agree wholeheartedly with the statements made in the following posts, by other people:


The Volokh Conspiracy

Diamond Geezer

In particular, I'd like to see the option to return to the Classic interface, the restoration of the ability to see older posts as I wrote current ones, the ability to navigate by date (using the highly intuitive calendar), and the return to a you're-signed-in, here's-your-stuff, to-get-to-another-blog-click-on-this-drop-menu, hey-you-can-type-with-just-one-click-from-the-login/front-page simplicity. I don't want a blogger that's pretty, that's geekily certified, or written so that even the dumbest of people who forget how to do something unless you put it on the page in front of them in 12pt font (and you won't let the not-dumb people remove the hint, ever). I just want one that's fast, efficient, and more or less intuitive. I don't have a ton of time for blogging; that you guys make it harder for me is a primary reason why I haven't considered upgrading to BlogSpot Plus (the only thing in your favor is that it's also the reason I haven't moved off BlogSpot for a MT or otherwise powered independently hosted site). I don't expect you to care, but seeing as how you suggested that you wanted to know, I thought I'd share anyway. Oh, and one other thing: I don't value friendliness highly in a website design, anymore than I value coolness or political correctness. Follow the example of the Google main page, which works well (better without the images, incidentally). Websites should be usable before they're friendly or cool, and like access-minded text only sites everywhere, should value function over form. You guys trashed many a function in favor of a form that isn't even particularly friendly on a universal level (though it manages to make a lot of people feel disrespected and annoyed). You're not Disney, leave the cutesy designs to the people whose audience wants it.

What follows is the text of the relevant blog post. Incidentally, I'm not actually trying to punish you for saying "the more detailed you can be, the better."

(deleted: the text of my first post on this same topic)


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