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Wednesday, March 24, 2004
And let me just say that WebMD normally does NOT give me such easy results with only two symptoms. I thought at first that it was some kind of dehydration issue (it's been hot here for a few days, and my job isn't conducive to drinking enough water) but I figured after drinking about two gallons of water, it wasn't that. I considered diabetes (too many Babysitters' Club books, plus my grandmother, who took care of me when I was little, was diagnosed when she was 20), but I was pretty sure that you can't pin diabetes symptoms to within a fifty minute period of them starting, and anyway, they don't include fever. So I went to WebMD and asked it to search for "fever dry throat" and look what came up as a 100% match, which also happens to fit exactly what I'm experiencing, to a "t."

Umm, yeah. So, considering that I don't take particularly good care of myself, and considering that I do work in a place where something like 50,000 brand new germ-laden strangers from across the country show up every day and become entirely too friendly with the collectibles and gifts I have to manhandle back into their original spots, it's not exactly surprising.

And, considering the company I work for, it's not surprising that I don't have medical insurance or any kind of money to pay doctors, which is why it's so convinient that this thing supposedly goes away in 3 to 7 days, with or without treatment. And, since there's no coughing or sneezing involved (it's actually seeming to be a very convinient, if painful, disease to have), I just have to wash my hands a lot to keep from spreading it. And I already do that (thank you, food service training).

So, all in all, not a really really horrible experience (this is the first time, as far as I know, that I've gotten anything like this -- the only other realistic possibility is mono, and I don't have any of those symptoms at all), unless I develop scarlet fever, which would be, you know, a really big pain in the... ummm, well, throat. Not that it doesn't already hurt. Obviously if I'm still wanting to drink any water I see and feeling like someone used my throat to siphon rubbing alcohol into a five gallon jug in a couple of days, I'll have to think of something more useful than waiting it out and taking lots of painkillers. Blech.

[UPDATE]: So it turns out you can get rheumatic fever (which is the other name for scarlet fever, I think, but I could be wrong -- they both involve rashes, and I'm writing this while offline for reasons I'm about to explain) if you don't treat strep throat. So I've put in a call to the nearest low-cost clinic in my area (thank goodness there are so many poor people like me in Huntington Beach! We rock this joint... er... yeah...), and explained my symptoms to the girl taking the calls, who will forward the message to the nurse who decides who gets appointments (that's a lot of power, right there), who will decide as she feels appropriate, and the girl will call me back when she gets the decision and has a moment. If I do go, I'm brining a book. A long book. We're actually talking about two books, in all likelihood; maybe even three. It doesn't sound quite as bad as the OSU emergency room (been there, done that, got the prescription), but that's I think a matter of degree and not kind. Plus anyplace sounds better when it isn't an emergency room. The waiting thing is really really boring, especially since I can't take a shower while I wait (might miss the call), and I really would like to. To be honest, I had kind of assumed this thing would go away by now, or at least would start having cold-like symptoms. I was seriously geared up for a cold; I even bought Cold-Eez.

[UPDATE2]: My appointment is at 2pm. I haven't figured out yet if I'm completely mad or just being safe, or what, because I absolutely cannot afford to do this. However, I would not like to have permanent heart damage (they say the brain damage from rheumatic fever "usually" is temporary), if I can avoid it, so I'm going to do it anyway. This gives me three hours to take a shower, wash my clothes, get money out of the bank, and maybe (depending on how fast I do everything else) hopefully get some resumes printed out and go do job applying stuff. You all who don't get my email updates, and only read the blog, have missed some good times in the last few weeks, I assure you. I'll tell you more when I don't have fifteen things to do and a third of the time needed to do them.

[UPDATE3]: So $35 poorer and absolutely no better off, I return, dazed and wounded, to my little hovel and despair. No, not really -- first I went out and actually applied at TGI Friday's and Medieval Times. I definitely am suffering with some kind of infection, but since I can't afford the lab and the potential prescription and since the quicky strep test was negative, I was released with... nasal spray. Yeah. The med student who treated me was cute, though. In any event, I have high hopes that this thing will be over in a few more days, mostly because I'd really like to enjoy the taste of food and water again sometime soon (preferrably sometime before I start quoting Frodo's slopes of Mount Doom speech). I do think part of this was some kind of nefarious plot on the part of those greater powers concerned for my actual well-being, though; the thing that actually pushed me to fill out those applications? The intake girl taking one look at my list of income sources and handing me the pamphlet for emergency services for indigent adults in Orange County. Nosiree, Bob, and thank you, but no. My days at Disney have always been numbered, but now moreso than before.


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