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Wednesday, March 24, 2004
and so I've decided to make something useful come out of the whole experience. It used to be a duplicate of the last post -- you don't want to know the whole story, I assure you -- and now it's going to be a post about the movie I just went to see at Downtown Disney's fabulous AMC theatre (Disney CMs get a reduced price and a special discount combo at the concession stand). Jackie and I went to see "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind", with Jim Carrey, that girl from Titanic (Kate Winslet), Kirsten Dunst (she was in Spiderman), and Elijah Wood. He was in a movie or three that I really loved, and also co-starred in "The Good Son" with some other kid actor forever ago. In case you didn't know that.

Anyway, it was awesome. It was, to paraphrase a DirecTV commercial with a girl who was in "Toys" with Robin Williams (Joan Cusack), greater than greatest. At least, compared to "50 First Dates", and that's... well, that's actually not saying much of anything, since that movie ranks in the bottom five of all movies I've ever forced myself to sit through. But it was definitely one of the better movies I've seen in the last few years, especially considering its high potential chick flick factor (I'm not a fan of the genre) and the potential to annoy me (it has the man who did "The Cable Guy" and the girl from "Titanic," for heaven's sake). I have to say I like her as a non-vapid idiot teenage debutante twerp, and him as a non-on-drugs normalish guy. That works for me, I think they should stick to those kinds of roles from now on.

Meanwhile, Elijah was awesome as a person who I was sympathetic towards, then slightly creeped out by, then who I really hated. Go see the movie, and you'll understand why. I liked his performance a lot; it was a real departure from the hobbity goodness I tend to indulge myself in (a lot), but it was enjoyable in a wow-I-hope-she-throws-something-hard-at-your-head kind of way. I probably would have enjoyed the overall movie more if I didn't have such a visceral hating-this-lots reaction to profanity and drug use, but there you go.

Now I have to go see the other post-LOTR films that are coming out. We've got "Hidalgo" (Viggo), "Garden State" (Ian Holm), possibly "Jersey Girl" (the elf-twit, aka Liv Tyler), and the movie I have been meaning to see for about two months, "Master and Commander" (Billy Boyd). Also, there's a movie which, if I recall the poster correctly, is about Helen of Troy, with Orlando Bloom and Sean Bean in it. Now, Dominic Monaghan needs to be in something, and the rest of them as well (I assume John Rhys-Davies will be in the new Indy movie, and Ian McKellen in another X-Men; apparently Hugo Weaving only does trilogies but I don't want to know if he's in Episode III of Star Wars [Spoiler free!], which Christopher Lee presumably will be in since he was a principak bad guy in Ep. II, and I don't know what projects Andy is working on so I guess it's really just Dominic and Andy... and I am such a geek sometimes). Anyway, yes. I must have something to watch between May 25th and November/December mumblesumethingorotherthey'reworkingonitnoreally. ^_^

Screenit Comments, and I agree wholeheartedly. Sad, in a way, that this guy (when it's the guy, I don't much agree when it's the other reviewer) writes so eloquently and always seems to say what I've been thinking after I see a film, because it's basically guaranteeing that I won't bother writing detailed artistic reviews of most any film he reviews...


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