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Monday, March 29, 2004
Sometime ago (about the time my third desperate plea for assistance to the folks that run Blogger went completely unnoticed for six months) I gave up on the notion of depending on them (meaning technical admin types) for survival. Why would they help me, a girl who refuses to pay for a blog until she can reliably prove she'll actually write in it consistently, with high-quality content and so forth, for an extended period of time? I won't buy a domain and then let it sit unused; for heaven's sake, look how badly I treat the free ones I already have.

Anyway, in the hopes of getting a real solution implemented sooner rather than never, I've emailed Blogger_User_Support (the folks who helped me last time), which is a Yahoo Group filled with blogging expert types. I sent them the text of the "please help me" message I sent to User Support, and now I'm going to reprint it here, mostly to demonstrate the phenomenon I'm complaining about (my YG has an open archive, which documents clearly the double email situation). I don't expect you, my Honored Duo of Readers, to actually help out much, because neither of you is all that skilled in the Bloggery goodness that is Blogger. But listen to me whining anyway, because it builds character.

"I can post and publish my posts just fine -- they appear on my blog exactly as I want them to -- but after I've hit Post and Publish (or even just Post, and then hitting the yellow Publish button separately) the entire text of the post stays in the editing box. When I try to close the Explorer window, or go to my template settings, the Java box pops up and says "you have an unsaved post" even though I haven't made any changes to the text in front of me, and the post was published successfully.

Moreover, when I post a new entry, the email (which was going to my private account [lloannna@surfside.net] but is now going to my email list [eleventhinline@yahoogroups.com] so you can see the archive [http://groups.yahoo.com/group/eleventhinline/] for yourself) from the previous entry is doubled. That is, when I post a hypothetical "The Story, Part III," not only is "The Story, Part III" sent to the email list, but the previous entry, "The Story, Part II" is also sent (even though it was sent before). And if I post "The Story, Part IV," then the previous post, "The Story, Part III" will also go to the email list. You can now see the activity clearly in the group archives, as I'm posting this message to the blog to help demonstrate. I can't see where in my settings it would indicate any preference to have old messages re-posted to an email address that already got the message once, but I'm no expert."

Okay, I feel better now. It's amazing how cathartic cut&paste operations can be, sometimes.


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