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Wednesday, October 08, 2003
Okay, so I haven't blogged in more than two weeks. That's just sad. Really, I admit it. But come on! I've moved, I've been applying for jobs left right and center, and there's this little political thingamajig going on in my state which just... well, heck, I've been distracted, and let's just leave it at that.

Today I volunteered at the South Bay (Redondo Beach) Republican Party Get Out The Vote (GOTV) HQ, because I got an email saying they really needed help. After I got my donuts and voted myself, that is. For what it's worth, I had a punchcard ballot, I punched my four responses ("should Davis be recalled," "who should replace him," "3% on infrastructure," and "stop collecting info about race on some government forms"), I pulled my card out, I referenced the numbers (next to each punched hole) to make sure that I had in fact voted the way I believed I had (for what it's worth, I think my answers were something like "4", "36", "157" and "158"), based on the numbers by the responses that I wanted in the little voting book thing. No hanging chads, no extra holes that couldn't be explained, no dimples, not even a little bit of baby fat. My ballot was, in my view, perfect, and so I turned it in and got my "I Voted" sticker and my ballot stub and THEN I went and found Redondo Beach. It turns out that it's a lot farther from the far edge of Long Beach than I thought it was, and apparently they're reconstructing a significant bit of Pacific Coast Highway. Next time I'll take the freeway. ANYWAY.

I showed up at 12:19pm and was put to work calling people to remind them to vote. My script was something like:

"Hello, my name is Sarah and I'm calling from the South Bay Republican Party Headquarters. We just want to make sure that you remember to go to the polls before 8pm tonight and vote yes on the recall, which is question ONE on page ONE of your ballot. If you need help getting to the polls, please call our headquarters at (phone number here) and we'll have someone drive you to your polling location. Your polling place is located at Our Lady Guadalupe Church, at 320 Massey Ave. in Hermosa Beach. The polls close at 8pm tonight and you must arrive by then in order to vote. Thanks for voting yes on the recall, good bye!"

I only really got to do that for the voicemail. 99% of the time I got people who had already voted, or I got bad numbers. Then, we did poll-watching. I was working the Torrance precincts (poll-watching = crossing off names as registered voters, you know, voted -- and then walking the precinct until I was abandoned) and if nothing else, the turnout alone dictated this was going to be a blow-out. In mixed party households, the Republicans had all voted by 3pm and none of the Democrats had, or the Republicans had all voted absentee and the Democrats were going to head to their polling place "sometime tonight." By 5pm I had whole pages where every registered Republican had voted and only 5% of the Democrats had voted (annoyingly, not that many A/I and N/P [third parties, independent voters, and no party affiliation] folks had voted, either), and in Torrance it's about a 50-50 split. After I was abandoned I went back to the HQ and called people in the Torrance precincts until I had to leave. It was fun. Of the calls wherein I made actual contact with the actual registered Republican I was trying to contact, only one person had not yet voted either absentee or earlier in the day, and she was just worried about where she was Officially Supposed To Vote. When I told her it was Our Lady Guadalupe Church, she got all relieved and went off to vote.

I signed out at 5:40pm. I'm going to definitely do more stuff for the presidential campaign, as well as any Schwarzenegger reelection campaign that might occur. This political stuff is fun.


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