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Wednesday, September 03, 2003
STUFF OF SUBSTANCE: So... "tonight" is like, a really nebulous term, which can in fact mean "sometime this week," right? Yeah, let's go with that.

I've been working on a lot of stuff in my head which, now that schedules are being radically reduced over at DL, will hopefully be making its way to the blog and sites soon. Amongst the items: why I don't hate "Joe Schmo" or feel bad for Matt (the "guy who thinks it's real"), when I thought I would; good reasons to get government out of schooling; my thoughts on actually getting to the business of creating my own future. Also, expect lots of "comparison shopping" stuff regarding looking for an apartment online. It's a real bear of a project.

Note: I had a comment which I didn't reply to, and meant to... though he'll probably never come back, let me just mention to the person who thought I was remiss in my obligations by being tardy 7 times in eight months: this is longest time I've ever had a job, most of the "lates" were less than five minutes (or more than 3 hours -- either traffic or mix-ups in scheduling), and I'm getting rave reviews. The majority of employers I've had in the past were either thrilled to have me show up at all (this held true for all employees) or so dead-set on absolute punctuality (not to mention a laundry list of other minor conformity issues) that I gave up on them after a few weeks. You sound like my former employer at the City of Anaheim, who believed I was late if I wasn't sitting at my desk, gazing lovingly at the phone (which almost never rang), five minutes before my actual start time of 8am (so that I would be ready to get to the Vital And Urgent Work of cataloguing old records of public works projects, exactly on time). I recall coming in to work praying he'd fire me (we parted ways after a month, mutually agreeing that my probationary period hadn't worked out very well) every day, and muttering under my breath that this is the sort of thing I ought to have expected from an employer which had me working exactly 32 hours per week, because if it was any more than that, they'd have to give me health insurance. When I realized that the working conditions compared unfavorably to those in the US military (at least they have benefits, and senior officers are supposed to salute back -- i.e. actually have or at least demonstrate some level of respect for you -- when you salute them), it was pretty much a foregone conclusion that that place and I weren't a good fit for one another.


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