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Wednesday, September 24, 2003
My own monumental stupidity...  
Really throws me for a loop sometimes. There comes a moment, every once in a while, where I prove to myself conclusively that I'm an idiot. Tonight, at 1:23am, that moment came again. Though really one ought to place it closer to 1:46am, which is when I found out that the car that I THOUGHT had completely died on me (I was already three-fourths of the way to a cohesive coping plan, and had figured out how to get to work and back for the next few weeks, at least, without a car at all), had simply gotten a flat tire. No, I didn't mistype that, I'm not guessing, THAT'S ALL THERE WAS THAT WAS WRONG WITH MY CAR. I was practically in tears with the (very calm) AAA representative, and couldn't remember the name of the place that we always always ALWAYS take the car to. I was completely in panic mode. I was extremely worried when I told the AAA mechanic/tow guy (I hope he makes more than I do, coming out to halfway hysterical girls in the early hours of the morning just to find out they're also DUMB GIRLS who don't need to get towed anywhere at all!) that I'd try to back up for him to hitch my car up. I didn't detect laughter or derision in his voice, for which I will be eternally grateful, when he told me I had a flat. Thankfully my dad thinks more clearly than I do regarding such matters; the Ford Taurus standard spare tire was in the right spot (for reasons unknown to me, I actually knew where it was). Watching the AAA guy change my tire was very instructive. The tire is fine-looking on the outside, but on the inside (the side that faces the interior of the car) it's completely ripped to shreds.

It occurs to me that my mom once told me she'd never let me drive without knowing how to change the oil and the tires, and I don't know how to do either. It also occurs to me that the reason my parents never told me my official IQ is probably NOT because the number is really really high. The smell of burning rubber (who DOESN'T know what that smells like????) is probably permanently scarring the interior of my car, not to mention everything in it (*sniffle*), and yet it didn't even OCCUR to me that my car might have something as utterly mundane and common as a flat tire. For the record, the car started making slight klinky noise around Ball and Beach (don't laugh) Blvd., but only when I accelerated from 25 to 35. It began making more serious vibrations and noises about a mile later. THEN it began chugging and making violent noises and smelling horrible about two and a half miles after that; I drove another 100 yards or so to the next light and managed to park it legally (and just beyond the "no parking 8am-12pm Wednesday" zone!!).

My only excuse is that I was going 35-45 the whole time, and have never been in a car with a flat tire before. It's a lame excuse. I'm treating the Taurus to a new tire and fluid check (possibly four new tires, though THAT would be a lot of money to spend on a car with 214,000 miles on it) Speaking of which, I had practically written a eulogy for the car for the blog in my head by the time the tow truck guy arrived. Suffice to say I am awash in my own lameness.


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