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Saturday, September 06, 2003
I GOT SOMETHING IN THE MAIL TODAY Which was way more interesting than my student loan bill. Yes, that's right, it's my very first actual mailing from the Schwarzenegger campaign. The text of the back is as follows:


Vote YES on Recall

"When I first came to California 35 years ago, our state was a place of dreams. Today, dreams, opinions, and opportunity are eluding too many Californians. Our people are doing their part, working hard, paying their taxes, raising their families and providing their children with the tools to succeed.

But California's politicians have not done their part.

Our state is in trouble, and I'm running for governor to end business as usual in California.

Fiscally Conservative Government with Republican Principles

  • Repeal the outrageous Car Tax increase
  • Appoint an outside auditing group to root out waste and corruption
  • Enact a Constitutional Spending Cap
  • Immediately attack the $8 Billion spending gap with Cuts
  • not Taxes
  • Restructure the $20 Billion inherited debt
  • Establish English as the official language of the U.S.

Rebuild California's Economic Engine

  • Reform Worker's Compensation laws that drive business and jobs from our state
  • Help small businesses grow
  • Protect Proposition 13
  • Reduce burdensome electricity rates on consumers and businesses

Put Our Children First

  • Protect education funding for our children's future
  • Demand safe and clean schools
  • Shift money and authority back to local schools
  • Restore cuts from textbook budget

Reform Sacramento so the Public Interest Comes Before Special Interests
End the cycle of campaign contributions buying access and legislative and executive favors. Where every decision has one criterion: what is in the best interests of the people of California, for now and for the future.

Please return the attached absentee ballot application today. Make your voice heard to bring about needed change in Sacramento.

I hope you will join me in our campaign to bring California back to the people."
Arnold Schwarzenegger

Vote-by-Mail to Recall Gray Davis.
Vote for Arnold Schwarzenegger for Governor.

For a yard sign, bumper sticker or to help Arnold's campaign, visit us at www.joinarnold.com.

Paid for by Californians for Schwarzenegger, with additional funding provided by Arnold Schwarzenegger's Total Recall Committee, Vote Yes to Recall Gray Davis. Major funders of the recall committee include William Lyons Homes, Inc. and Paul Folino.


I'll probably comment more later, but suffice to say that I'm conflicted. I don't like some proposals, a few are non-proposals that are basically just Things That Will Sound Good (what the heck kind of a platform says it'll "help small businesses grow" and leaves it at that?), a few sound terrific (can't get enough of that "shift authority to local schools"), and at least one is completely outside the scope of the Governor's duties and obligations: how on earth does ANY governor of California manage to make English the official language of the entire country? I think that one was pulled from a Republican Party national platform circa 1994, possibly via a Typically Suicidal California Republican Party platform from a few years later.


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