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Friday, September 19, 2003
FINDING THE RIGHT STUFF ONLINE IS SO HARD TO DO... Now, I know that with all of you out there trying desperately to find whatever it is you're looking for (I know you're out there, and no, this site has nothing to do with the health benefits of standing in line), there is bound to be someone looking for all the other people who are eleventh in line for... well, for something. Now, if you were looking for the person who was eleventh in line for the first showing of Star Wars Episode II at Grauman's Chinese Theatre in May of 2002, your search is over! Congratulations, go get yourself a smoothie.

But what if you were looking for someone who was eleventh in line to something else? That would be a problem, because as far as I know, I'm not eleventh in line to anything other than that one showing of that movie (for what it's worth, a guy named Rik was eleventh in line to Episode I). So as a public service to you, my readers, I'm going to give you (on a hopelessly irregular basis) occasional information on all the other people who are eleventh in line. To, uh, stuff.

First up? The person who is eleventh in line to... succeed the President during a time of his incapacity!!! That's right, the constitutional line of succession. It turns out this is actually kind of interesting right now, because Ms. Eleventh In Line, Elaine Chao (the Secretary of Labor), isn't a natural born citizen of the US, and is ineligible to assume the office or duties of the President (3 USC 19(e)). So we have to move on to the Secretary of Health and Human Services, and he just happens to be...

Tommy G. Thompson!!!!

That's right, our good old friend and former governor of Wisconsin (not Pennsylvania, as some people might think -- that's the Secretary of Homeland Security). Look to the Wikipedia article on him for more info, and also check out the Wiki on the Constitutional Line of Succession.

Next time, we're going to take a look at who's eleventh in line to the throne of England, so stay tuned!


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