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Wednesday, August 13, 2003
TAKE THE GOOD WITH THE... WORST AMERICANS IN HISTORY? Everyone has seen the RWN Survey of bloggers' views of who was the worst American in history. Now, the focus has been on the ones that each side (the lists are divided -- liberal bloggers' opinions vs. conservative bloggers' opinions) finds completely unbelievable, like FDR on the conservative list or Ronald Reagan on the liberal list. The thing is, standing here in the middle of the American political scene, I think I could have guessed 90% of the names that each side came up with that the other side would wail about. What I find interesting, instead, are the ones that both sides agreed on -- because frankly, there's three names on there (and I find this absolutely AMAZING) that I would have guessed one side would hate and the other side would be annoyed by, and they're on BOTH lists. I've aggregated and ordered the names that appeared on both lists, by total number of votes received.

Boss Tweed (10) (5 + 5)
John Walker Lindh (11) (6 + 5)
Aldrich Ames (13) (6 + 7)
Aaron Burr (14) (6 + 8)
Charles Manson (14) (5 + 9)
Lee Harvey Oswald (14) (6 + 8)
John Wilkes Booth (24) (10 +14)
The Rosenbergs (26) (20 + 6)
Timothy McVeigh (26) (10 + 16)
Benedict Arnold (33) (14 + 19)
Richard Nixon (33) (25 + 8)

Hang on, waitasecond... eight conservative people voted for Nixon? Six liberals voted for the Rosenbergs (on RWN and on my list, the Rosenbergs are counted as one vote even if the respondent said "Julius Rosenberg")??? While it is disheartening that Charles Manson didn't get more votes, and that Benedict Arnold ranks so high on both (thus demonstrating that far too many people still take their high school history class textbooks too seriously), I'm quite impressed that there were this many people who got a large number of votes. What's more, except for the Rosenbergs and Nixon, all the other matches got roughly the same number of votes (out of 36 liberals and 39 conservatives polled). Given that each respondent could vote for up to 20 people, I think that's pretty good. More than half of the overall respondants voted for Nixon and Arnold (we'll just ignore the reasons why voting either of them the Worst American In History is a bit silly, considering how complex both situations were). And it is heartening that agreements can be reached even amongst the flamewar set of opinion-holders. Now we just have to inject some political and historical reality into the proceedings...


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