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Sunday, August 10, 2003
THE RELATIVE VALUE OF CONFORMISM: So, let's face it, I'm never going to get straight-As when it comes to conforming. Oh, sure, I try hard enough on occasion, but I can't even really fit in with Libertarians or Disney cast members, and well all know how accepting those people are.

Anyway, on one of my many email lists (I eschew message boards, which require clickthroughs and refreshes and other nasty interactions with my evil browser), one of the perennial topics of discussion has to do with conforming, and its relative usefulness/unacceptableness. In this case, all the members of the group are professing Introverts (in the Jungian/Kiersey school of personality typing), and the topic is conforming in a world (or at least nation) dominated by extraversion and extraverts.

Maybe it's just that I can't see conforming with ANYONE (even people who are adamant about not conforming and Denying One's True Nature), but I don't see how I can buy into the idea that adopting extraverted techniques while in situations where that proves advantageous is anything other than Plain Old Good Sense. I'm down with Plain Old Good Sense, since it usually encompasses most major Ways To Actually Succeed In Life. I appreciate not having more problems than are absolutely necessary, which is why I insist on keeping my personal time/space, well, personal, and why I make an effort to engage in chit-chat and socialization with Work People (this doesn't mean you, Jackie, you're not strictly a Work Person) even when I don't really mean most any of it and would rather just be left alone to accomplish my work. Why? Because the effort to do both (and many other things) is less than the effort and hassle and general unpleasantness of trying to deal with the consequences of not doing them. You don't want to see me with a migraine or having a weird depressive "sleep for three days straight" episode due to being forcibly exposed to endless social situations when I really just needed to be left alone. Nor do I want to have to work in a department with 2,000 people who think of me as a prickly, creepy, uncooperative, unfriendly Loner Who Might Be Dangerous. It's not about denying my true nature, it's about making my life as easy as it can be while still accomplishing my goals.

Note: this pragmatic streak is what keeps me from being a very good Libertarian even on the best of days... despite scoring as Libertarian as you CAN score on the World's Smallest Political Test...


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