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Friday, August 15, 2003
REALITY BITES: Let's face facts here, for a moment, people: there are a lot of Sarahs in the world (and plenty of Saras, too). I'm quite used to being the "other" Sarah, have been referred to by monikers such as "Disneyland Sarah" and "Sarah the Younger," have become inurred to the effects of being called "SMPA" or "Parker-Allen," and at my place of work, when I'm in New Orleans Square, the other Sarahs know me as "Hermione" (everyone picked a name, you see). So I'd like to make one thing very clear to the 43 of you who, in the last two days, have come to this site in search of a different Sarah (who, apparently, has graced a certain... risque publication, shall we say, with her likeness): I'm not that Sarah. Understood? Hopefully some of you thought this place was nice enough to stick around and read more of, but considering the search terms you used to get here (besides "Sarah," I mean), I sort of doubt it. By the by, try searching on Google instead of Popdex. I don't rank highly there at all...

(note: 43 people makes 78.2% of my total traffic since yesterday...)

By the way, "hi" to the 11 of you (20% of my total traffic!!) who aren't me and weren't looking for that other Sarah. Please, feel free to look around, make a comment, etc. I sure do appreciate you being here!

[update: please also let me express my sincerest condolances to those of you who thought you were going to get an ex-reality TV show nudie type... it was never my intent for you to think you could get that kind of stuff here, but nonetheless I feel sad on your behalf that you were disappointed...]


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