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Saturday, August 16, 2003
HOUSEKEEPING: I don't appreciate or tolerate thread-hijacking. If you want to make a comment about something I've said elsewhere, there are plenty of opportunties to do so. I post my email on this front page, as well as in all forums and comment sections in which I take part. If you're looking for free publicity, try indices like Weblogs. If you're looking for a fight, go somewhere else. All comments which are not germane to the post to which they are appended will be deleted; I may choose to repost them in their own post here at my discretion.

Having said that, please consider the comments that Nitin made today (on the post that happened to be at the top of the page, about Anna and Barb and so forth) regarding what I said on CalPundit, regarding a list of good conservative blogs (CalPundit's owner is a self-described liberal):

""I haven't seen any lists like this on conservative blogs"

I hope you weren't implying anything, like the close-mindedness of Conservatives or Libertarians. Before I even saw this list, I had made a very similar post at my blog, hawken.blogspot.com . Also, I have always maintained a list of Liberal bloggers on my blogroll, that I check frequently.

Also, even though I am a conservative, I am very interested in ideas from all sides of the spectrum. This is the basis of my blog. It is a collection of my friends from high school, and we come from all different ends of the political spectrum. Traditional conservatives. Libertarian/conservative mixes (like myself). Moderate liberals. Extreme nader-supporting liberals. And we dish it out in an online crossfire.

So yeah, lists like that exist, and conservatives are just as open-minded to discussion as liberals are. While you are at it, make your way to a college campus, and ask if the liberal students are as open-minded to conservative thought. When conservative speakers are being booed, interrupted, and attacked, I hope this makes you double-check the supposed "open-mindedness" of liberals."

(link given: Hawken; email link not given in original comment)

For the record, here's what I said:

"Good to see blogs other than the big few that are always linked to by everyone. Though I've only been seriously perusing the political zone of the blogosphere for about two months now, I was surprised to see so many excellent blogs on the list that I haven't seen before. My "blogs to check daily" list is becoming oppressively long.

I haven't seen any lists like this on conservative blogs, but again it's only been since late May/early June for me. I must point out, though, that I started looking primarily at blogs that I agree with (e.g. SamizData) and branched out enough to find CalPundit and other liberal blogs. So, it's not like you all are being shunned."

You be the judge. And if you have something to say, say it here, in the comment section to this post. Thanks!

(note to Nitin: sorry, I meant "impugn")
[update: changed Nitin's name to reflect reality, thanks for the comment alerting me to the error.]


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