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Sunday, August 10, 2003
A FEW RANDOM THINGS: So, anyway, it's occurred to me that I don't update nearly often enough. Especially in terms of a day-to-day update thing (I do well on individual days, except when I don't update for ten such days all in a row), and not just hour-to-hour. Perhaps I'm not as bad as some people are, but it's not about comparisons. So, let's actually go about the business of blogging.

Recall Stuff
I've decided, as I'm sure you all know, to volunteer for the Schwarzenegger campaign. Well, that's becoming a bit of a pain. It turns out the California Republican Party can't quite be bothered to answer their phones on the weekend. So, as JAC (as I will henceforth be referring to the JoinArnold.Com website) STILL isn't updated with anything useful (there's a nice little bit about how great it was that in 1911, this one guy thought that a recall would be a good idea) beyond an online contribution form, I have to wait until tomorrow to get a phone number for volunteering and stuff. I have not, BTW, completely rejected the idea of voting for McClintock. I do wish I knew more about him, and less about his seeming need to just keep running for stuff till he wins again.

Also, just a warning, expect high levels of Recall-related stuff in my posts to pretty much every email list I'm on. Yes, even the Harry Potter fanfiction commentary ones. Sorry, just can't help it.

The Value of Independence
I'm going to be calling and emailing a few dozen people in the next three weeks, looking for a place to live. After 19 months of overstaying my welcome at my father's house (note to self: don't do that ever again), I've decided I would rather live on Ramen noodles than live here anymore. Also, once I'm out of the house, I can justifiably claim to be poor, and get reduced payments on my student loans.

The September That Never Ended
I finally have a name for the nightmare I experienced as a only-marginally-experienced Internet type, shortly before I started ninth grade. I wasn't really "in" the online world (Usenet, etc.) for very long before the day that AOL opened their portal to the Web (I remember trying to get through that portal during our brief and tortuous experience with AOL in 1991-92, and seeing a notice saying "Available Soon"), but it was still very much an us-vs-them thing for me (the "them" being AOL users), and for years I've recalled the time when the internet got flooded with neophytes and idiots with regret and sorrow (though actually, it was 1994, when AOLers started making websites and everyone started putting URLs in commercials, before I felt much of anything -- I was never really into Usenet except as a lurker). Considering that I wasn't even a teenager at the time, it's amazing how judgemental I was. Anyway, one hopes that the imminent arrival of AOL Journals won't have the same effect...


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