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Friday, August 15, 2003
AND NOW FOR SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT: I just thought I'd share my thoughts about Anna finally updating Last Tango in Paris again. I suppose I really shouldn't say "finally," not when I haven't put out an original work OR bit of fanfic since... well, gosh, March? But anyway, LTiP got updated again, and praise be to the heavens. Except... every chapter of this fic saga, just like every chapter of Triangle Prophecy, brings us all one step closer to the end (as far as I know, Anna isn't planning a fourth venture into the Roman Holiday world, and Barb has said many times she will not write anything else in the Psychic Serpent universe). This is sort of like original Harry Potter novels, episodes of Babylon 5, etc.; the feeling is only marginally less depressing than what you get when reading one of the last few books in the Chronicles of Narnia (for some reason, it always hits me in "The Silver Chair"). But at the same time, it isn't half as demoralizing as what I feel when something is stretched beyond it's elastic capacity -- take, for example, the Star Trek franchise and "Enterprise." There's beating a dead horse, and on Disneyland's Main Street to boot. It seems like you just can't win, and I find it sad.

Another sad thing? I'm not even REMOTELY well-placed in Google searches for "sarah." I know I'm in there (because when I search all the results for "lloannna," there's something like 20 hits), but nowhere near any kind of relevant ranking. In fact, I'm not even really very well placed on "sarah blog." Recent topics ("schwarzenegger," "harry potter," etc.) don't rank well at all, either. The SarahFinder doesn't turn up when you search "sarah disneyland." I find it vaguely disappointing, and yet reassuring in a "stalkers have to at least know my username to find me" sort of way. Of course, I've had the same username since 1992, so it's not hard (and, no one else has it... every hit on "lloannna" is me). So there's something to be comforted by. Or, freaked out by, depending on how you want to think about these things...

Realistically I think it's time we all admitted there's no real cause for optimism and everything's going to turn out badly for the rest of forever.


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