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Thursday, August 07, 2003
AND NOW FOR SOMETHING COMPLETELY OUT OF DATE... Sometimes, you start to take care of something, and then you forget to finish taking care of it. This is what happened with this post from like, two weeks ago...

THIS DAY JUST HAD TO BE INTERESTING: And I mean that at least partially in the "Chinese curse" sense of the word "interesting." But not entirely. Things looked up, then down, then sideways, then put on some funky glasses and rode around Space Mountain and got really dizzy. Or they would have, except that Space Mountain is STILL DOWN and will be until I'm old enough to run for Congress. Maybe.

Let's begin at the beginning, shall we? Last night, 2am. I sit down, finally home and all that, thinking about watching some of the TV shows I've got taped (I'm 8 hours behind right now). I lie down for a second; there are commercials and stuff and I want to see if this episode of Seven Days is interesting enough to put off catching up on old Stargate reruns. Next thing I know, it's 5am, my stepmother is waking up, and the dishes didn't get done. At least the cars are on the right side of the street, because I'm so out of it I stumble back to my room, strip, and fall asleep without even setting the alarm. Barely even heard Carol's usual "why didn't you wash the dishes, and you had better get your stuff out of the living room" version of "good morning" (and mind, a cheery "good morning" isn't likely to make me happy in the morning; I haven't been an AM kind of person since ever). Woke up again around 11am to say "wow, it's 11am" and then slept until around 1:30pm. Then I woke up, took a shower, begged Maria not to wash the dishes (I get in trouble if anyone other than me does it), wash the dishes, check email (seems I won something from the OC Star Wars society, but I'm too busy to think about it), talk to my dad, run to Albertson's, cash my puny check from last week (should have cashed in vacation hours instead of taking unpaid days off for Comic-Con), get lunch at Joe's before I literally faint with hunger, and then drive to Anaheim. It's 5pm.

I get to Anaheim around 5:30pm, and go to the OC Credit Union office by Edison Field, to deposit last week's check (Albertson's won't cash it, it's too old). Realize I left all my account numbers here at home the last time I cleaned out my car. Drive to Mickey And Friends parking lot, park on level 2 (Daisy!), and walk to the AMC. I decide to see Pirates again (GREAT FILM), for the third time. Choose the 6:15pm showing, sit in one of the rows that has spots for wheelchairs (yes, I would have given up my spot for the party of anyone who needed it). Fully 77% of the theatre was unsold as of 6:11pm. I sit there until the previews are almost done and this... this... PERSON insists that I move my bag so she and her NOISY, TALKATIVE, MUST-COMMENT-UPON-EVERYTHING family can sit in all the rest of the spots. I look around, noticing the approximately 300 empty seats (most of which are better than mine; I choose slightly-bad seats a lot of the time in the hopes no one will sit near me), move my bag, and don't put the armrest down. I took scary amounts of satisfaction in the fact that she put her drink on the ground rather than either ask me to put the armrest back down (did you know that AMC first took out the patents on those armrests? They put that on the tour I took when I worked for AMC back in 1997) or get her noisy obnoxious sit-down-halfway-through-a-brilliant-scene family to move all their drinks so she could use the cupholder to her right. Hah! Luckily they weren't REALLY noisy until the credits (I was TRYING to listen to the soundtrack), and I think she got enough "WHY couldn't you have sat somewhere else" vibes from me, which is why she leaned heavily on the right-hand armrest the whole time. If the bottom of my bookbag is sticky in the morning I'll be blaming her, though.

There were other annoyances, most notably a family who shouted at each other in Spanish while trying to decide where to sit, during the early Port Royale scenes. Luckily, I took two Advil before the invading families began showing up, so I didn't really feel any actual pain. The movie was still brilliant; I left and went to the restroom and ran into That Kind of Women. They're the ones who have to continue extremely loud conversations about inane things while using the restroom; today the topic was "movies that Johnny Depp -- isn't he just great -- was in that I either saw or didn't see, and why they were great." Considering I had just suffered through Mrs. Comment About Everything's discussion of how ILM is "the best in the business" and how funny it is that two people were credited as "Dauntless crew" (suffering through such things from a seatmate is MUCH worse when you've had those same conversations, in the same multiplex, on the exact same topic [well, the Dauntless crew bit, anyway], only two weeks earlier), I was NOT in the mood. I nearly walked on top of the lady who was salsa-ing outside to the recordings that the current evening performance group was playing between sets. And it was a good thing that I was still somewhat cheery, and that I always try to remember how much I don't want to get fired, because I was seriously tempted to HURT the smokers in the area. Blowing smoke in my face isn't a good idea on the best of days.

Anyway, so I walk back to M&F structure, which is always a nice walk since (much like the walk from World of Disney to M&F) even on the busiest days almost no one walks it. And as I wait for the signal to allow me to cross, what do I see? A guy driving a white extended cab pickup truck (I would SO put the license plate number here, but he didn't have a plate on the front of the truck) BACKWARDS into the Pinocchio parking area (for larger cars and RVs and buses we have a lot next door to the structure; you have to pay a bit more to park there -- maybe $10), narrowly avoiding the bars and things which are supposed to prevent you from doing what he does. Basically he does this to avoid the parking charges. I was so annoyed by this, I watched him do it, tried to be certain of which car it was, and reported it to the first Traffic and Parking guy I saw. Unfortunately, as with so many other things at DL, if Security doesn't actually see it happen, we can't do anything. Still, I hope they caught it on the cameras. Then I walked upstairs, got in my car, and drove home. I hardly had any supernegative thoughts about how many things I do to make my life harder just to follow the rules, when so many other people flaunt them and face no real consequences, and didn't go through any of my fantasies about that kind of person getting caught. In fact, until now, I didn't even contemplate my secret thrill at seeing a couple of people getting citations on the San Diego trolley the last day of Comic-Con, for not having proper fares paid...

Anyway, I have to work at 5am (day 2 Stock training -- Receiver stuff), and so I have to at least give sleep a decent shot. Plus I have some laundry to do. Though I write this at 10:45pm, Surfside isn't letting me connect -- it may be tomorrow before this actually gets posted.


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