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Monday, June 30, 2003
LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, WE'RE BACK IN BUSINESS: A couple of things have happened in the last 48 hours that have made me very happy.

First of all, the world of Harry Potter fanfiction is up and running again. Since Order of the Phoenix came out, there have been a half dozen updates at WitchFics -- yes, Anna's stuff has sex in it, but it's worth skimming just to get to the rest of the Truly Excellent Work she's written -- and now Barb has put out a Cookie for The Lost Generation (we're getting close to That Fateful Halloween Night now, too!) If only certain never-going-to-be-finished fics would now be finished, I'd be a happy camper. We'll just NOT talk about my terminal epic, which has been trashed beyond redemption by Ms. Rowling (not that we didn't expect that, but I don't have Barb's fanbase or Anna's cadre of fellow authors to support me, and anyway, the epic didn't get started three years ago, when it should have been. I do see an opening in the post-OotP world, but who knows; fanfic is a different world now than it was in 2000, and back then I was aboard George Lucas' bandwagon, not JKR's.

But back to the happiness -- my annual passport expired, as you can read in my earlier post this morning, and in just five days, I will have hit 6 months of working at Disneyland. This is notable for a few reasons: first and foremost, this is the longest job I've ever had. No, I'm not kidding; the one at Wendy's only lasted from July to November, and January to July beats THAT hands down. Second, I haven't even been TEMPTED to marginally cheat at ALL in any aspect of this job. At Wendy's and Burger King (The job I had for ONE week) stealing fries was common, and taking soda so routine it was actually a job benefit. You couldn't pay me enough to give any of my friends a discount they're not eligible for at DL; I even make sure to put down the real times I come and go for my breaks (the way you're supposed to). I don't think I've ever had really serious honesty issues in the past, but I feel downright proud and stuff that the temptation has really been snuffed at Disney. Not even hunger or a car that won't start has caused me to be dishonest, and that's not a bad thing. Third, at six months, you're eligible to transfer to a different department. As some of my friends are no doubt well aware (and a lot of strangers are, too, I'm sure), I was not particularly thrilled at the idea of Retail Work when I got hired at Disneyland. My usual quote is something like "I said, put me anywhere except Custodial and that's what they did -- I work anywhere but Custodial." No offense to the Stores people (a lot of really amazingly cool people work in Stores) -- but sales and stuff just isn't me. I feel like the worst part of my job is the moment when I ask for my Guest's money, and I long for a position where it feels like we're doing things to make Happiness, not to make a sales goal. On the fourth of July of this year, I will become eligible to apply to any other position at the Disneyland Resort. Many of which place more of a priority on the Magic than Stores does. I can't WAIT. It also, BTW, would be nice to be paid more, get more hours, and/or get into a better union. Mine stinks. So, umm, there you go.

Thirdly, this Pirates movie is going to rock. I walked by the Rivers of America today after park closing and watched them taking down the screen and bleachers (I think there'll be another day, maybe two, of traffic buildup -- Fantasmic! is dark until the 2nd, so the river has to be clear by then for sure). I still can't believe that Orlando Bloom walked through our little theme park! I'm sad that I missed it (I'll be posting my X Games trauma story soon), but I so can't wait for this movie. Unfortunately, DL scheduled me for the 9th, for a shift that goes to 10:15pm. I will therefore be trying with all my might to give that shift away. I'd rather go hungry in San Diego than miss this movie!

Lastly, I got my Comic-Con stuff in the mail. This thing is SO going to rock. I can't wait. I'm saving up my money now -- I need $56 for the hostel, for sure -- and planning to be conservative in terms of cash outflow. Even if it means packing enough food for five days (four nights) and lugging a lunch every day. I WILL make this happen, my father's allowance system notwithstanding.

Overall, I just feel like this is a month for beginning over again. Morning is breaking and all that. Having said that, I think it's time for bed; I put a high value on avoiding my family as much as possible, and my father and stepmother set their alarm for 4:30am.


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