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Monday, June 30, 2003
I CAN NOW GET INTO DISNEYLAND FOR FREE!! It may surprise you to learn this, but today is officially the first day when I can actually get myself into Disneyland for free. Now, you may say, "Sarah, you've been working for Disney since January, and practically live there even when you're not working. What do you mean, you haven't been getting in for free? Have you been a REAL freak and throwing money in the wishing well just on the principle that Michael Eisner and Cynthia Harriss don't get paid well enough as it is (ignoring the fact that all donations to the wishing well go to the DisneyHand charity fund)??"

The answer, of course, is that I pre-paid for for a year's worth parking and entrance privileges back on June 29th, 2002. My pass expired at midnight. Now I can get into Disneyland for free, and it's not like I could have used my annual passport to do it. Of course now I'm even more attached to my job than I was before. People are calling me a "lifer."

In case you're wondering, I did in fact go into the park, get a parking ticket from the M&F structure guys [who examined my passport closely for a minute, because they recognized me as a CM and because of the date], get a bunch of copies of the current park map, buy an AP exclusive pin, and get legitimate FastPasses for Haunted Mansion and Indy (and "THIS IS NOT A VALID FASTPASS" tickets for Splash Mountain) with my annual pass, before doing my eight hour shift at the Star Trader. I'm going to make a shadowbox display of my AP stuff, to memorialize it all. BTW, it turns out that the FastPass machines do, in fact, print your ticket or pass number on each and every FastPass. I checked to be sure.

In the interests of full disclosure, I probably wouldn't have done this if they hadn't blocked CMs from coming into the parks on Saturday (BTW, Saturday was TOTALLY dead, especially in Tomorrowland/Fantasyland/Toontown and in DCA). Because they did, it was like, a challenge to me to go find my annual pass and just come into the park as a Guest, because I could. When it turned out that the day after the Premiere was my last day of the pass, I just couldn't help myself...

Tomorrow I'm going to the Parks early to enjoy my first real day of getting into them for free. For the record, I logged over 850 hours with the Annual Pass (that is, getting into the Park using the AP as my form of admission -- all but about 20 hours occurred between June 29th and January 4th). I paid $220 for the pass; without adjusting for all the parking fees I saved (or the discounts I got at the AMC and in the parks themselves), that comes out to $0.2588 per hour. See, if you're insane like me, the Annual Pass really is a good deal.


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