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Friday, June 06, 2003
A couple of things...

First, I'm officially moving anything I might decide to say in Russian over to my new site. I call it "SamizBlog," a twist on the old "samizdat" publications of the Soviet era (it means, basically, "self-published"), and though I've considered that particular Russianism (it's a contraction, like Agitprop) to be a favorite for years, I can't refrain from saying "thanks, guys," to the folks at SamizData.Net, who gave me the push to see that it's the perfect sort of thing to call a blog.

Second, I wanted to let you all know that I'm probably going to start saying more pundity-stuff, and also more fangirlish stuff, in the coming weeks and months. It's that time of year again, when I get sick of treating the internet like a giant plaything and start reading gazillions and gazillions of political stuff. Even SamizBlog will get into the act, I might add -- since I'll be largely publishing my Russian Disney translations and my political diatribes about Russia and liberty and stuff, there. Rest assured, though, I'll still find time to make strange comments about things no one but me and the two people who actually read this blog (hey, my audience is fully 28.5% of the audience that Rick Dees claims listens to his morning program! Go me!) will understand. ^_^ Also, expect to see more academic-minded stuff up here once Nimbus 2003 is over. And, if I can get an account going with Boomspeed (for real), prepare yourselves for lots and lots of artsy picture fests and me-reading-stuff-aloud. Whoohoo!

Third, I've made some updates to the Recommendations and Friends lists (which are increasingly filled with links to stuff -- and the Friends page is increasingly about people I don't know...) Check it out.

Fourth, the Link of the Moment is now Friendster. They won't let me put up a childhood photo of myself, which pretty much bites, but I was there before Josh, and that's always worth something.


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