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Wednesday, February 19, 2003
Here's the Car Saga...

(3:13pm Monday)
The last twelve hours have been an absolute unqualified *nightmare*. Let me just say up front that I'm already usually not in the best of spirits coming off of a 2:30am closing shift (that is, a shift where we have to close down all the registers, do stock -- in this case locate, transport, fold, and stack several thousand strollers -- and leave the park at 2:30am). And I'm usually not in the best of spirits when my car won't start and I have to take the bus. And I'm really not in the best of spirits when it turns out that the buses have a three-hour delay that just started, and that I have to kill those three hours by watching TV in a breakroom while the entire resort is deserted (except for security and custodial types). When all of those things happen all at once, suffice it to say that my spirits are so far from best, I can't come up with a good word to describe the distance. I've also only gotten 3 hours of sleep since yesterday.

The only good news is that we didn't have to pay a towing fee, because the tow truck guy came to the DL Cast Member parking lot and banged on my solinoid (sp?) and lo, and behold, that evil little device (which is faulty in all the Ford Tauruses -- or is it Tauri -- sold from like 1988 to 1997) was the culprit. AS SOON AS he tapped on it (with a "jack handle"?) the engine started just fine. I spent two hours on OCTA buses, I walked for a mile from the bus stop to home, I had to go to a doctor's appointment with NO sleep (my brother and sister woke up just as I got home -- they were relatively quiet though, because I threatened them with bodily harm) and it's all the fault of the FOUR different automotive places that have NOT fixed that solinoid thingy (they replaced it once, but I think it was with another faulty one because these difficulties are going on year 13...). I convinced my dad that I don't want to give the car up for several days only to get it back with a muttered "there's nothing wrong, please give us $100 for not helping you at all" result. He's gone to buy a 18 inch steel rod so that if it happens again, *I* can tap on the solinoid thingy. And, later this week, I'm going to buy a monthly pass for the bus -- if I use it sixteen or more times per month, it'll pay for itself (it costs $16.50 because I'm a DL CM, it takes roughly $2.50 in gas to get from home to DL now, AND you get a commuter alternative bonus each day you take the bus or a
bicycle or whatever to work, instead of driving ^_^).

The extent of my disorientation can be expressed in the facts that I never did brush my hair (it's up in the braid I created before falling into bed), that I forgot to change my shirt and so I'm wearing the one I slept in (though only for 3 hours), and that I found The People's Court *terribly* intriguing during my long wait for the tow truck guy.

(Wednesday, 2:24am)
Unfortuantely, I ended out sleeping 14 hours straight after I went to bed (at a perfectly respectable 11:30pm) and was supposed to start work at 11:45am the next morning. So now I have icky attendance points on my record, and I *really need a shower*. They let me come in, though, even though I was almost three hours late by the time I got there, which means I didn't lose a whole day. Bad part? When I got out to Katella lot, at midnight (I had a rehearsal, too), the car wouldn't start again! I tried twisting a hangar into a shape that would reach in there and bang on the right part of the engine, but that didn't work (I also didn't have enough light to do it). Thankfully, me fussing with the hood open drew the
attention of T&P (Transportation and Parking), and a guy came over and helped me out. It looks like the "let's bang on the starter/solinoid" method only works if one person is banging and the other one is trying to start the car. Maybe it's time to start carpooling... *cough*. On my next day off, I'm going to take it in to have it looked at. There are scuff marks on the starter now, so it should be obvious as to what the problem area is, and the lengths to which I must go to fix it...


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