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Saturday, February 22, 2003
Caroline seems to think that saying "oh, and we went to Barbados" is an acceptable form of blog updating behavior! Caroline! LOOK AT THE CAR SAGA, WOMAN! That's drama... we want to hear about the strip searches of little old ladies at the airport, and the TRAUMA of trying to cope with a LEVEL 3 SNOWSTORM (you aren't the only one I know in Ohio, and I still get the Lantern emailed daily!)

Ahem. My car is in the shop now. They said the starter is "stuck," and that's doubly annoying because it's brand new! Today the #50 didn't come for almost three hours -- I got off of work at 10:30, was at the bus stop at 10:40, and it showed up at 12:48. It's supposed to come roughly every 40 minutes. I was actually in tears... I'm never going to get enough sleep again. I want my car back. Meanwhile, I'm adding a towel, shampoo, and conditioner to my emergency kit -- there are showers at DL in the changing rooms, and if I'm going to be stuck at the Resort overnight in the future, I'm going to do it in style. I'm making an earthquake kit for extra credit in geology, and the 72 hour food portion is going to be a feast fit for an empress, since I fully expect to be chowing down on it on a regular basis.

Good news for the day: I've already worked 32.75 actual paid hours this week (that takes out lunches AND the 2.45 hours I lost when I was late...) and I have 8 hours scheduled for tomorrow. And, on the 25th, I can go buy a monthly bus pass for $16.50 (normally they cost like $43). Whee...


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