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Monday, January 27, 2003
So, here's another update for those of you who really really want to know the crummy little details of my life.

First off, I've now worked in Strollers. That's fun, especially when you get to talk to the little kids. I wish there was a job at Disneyland that consisted of nothing but chatting up the little kids, because I'm telling you, I'd be REALLY good at it. They're so cool. Anyway, I also got to drive the electric convenience vehicles, which is fun (it'd be more fun if I could have used the special red key, which seems to make the carts go twice as fast). Oddly enough, DL was very crowded on the night of the Superbowl (yesterday for you who, like me, didn't quite pay attention to the pro football season this year). I don't pretend to understand anything.

Flashback is going well so far; I have rehearsals tonight and tomorrow. I can't wait to perform in the Hyperion! Tonight I'm going to see "Aladdin" (the stage version) at DCA (its in the Hyperion too); I've heard really good things about it. Oh, and I've got a ticket to see "Chicago" at Downtown Disney on Thursday -- the last free cast screening. You get 30% off of a meal at the resort hotels that night when you show your ticket -- sounds like it's time for me to finally go and eat at Goofy's (which normally costs $27!!!!) like I've been meaning to.

In other news... uh... I have to tape Stargate, and wash my clothes. So I'll catch y'all later. Oh, I'm working on a Snape fic for Riddikulus, I'll update here when it's done.


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