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Wednesday, November 27, 2002
All right, just a quick update, because I have a LOT to get done today.

First... Domoic Acid? Nasty stuff. It's the product of some diatom (that's a single-celled plant with a glassy shell around it -- diatoms are responsible for a lot of the problems people have when they drink untreated river water), and it mimics a neurotransmitter, causing seizures and death. Apparently, we get a bloom of that diatom every year in S. California, and the acid ends out killing tons of sea lions. This year, there was an extra big one, and more than 30 dolphins and whales were killed, along with over a thousand (I think that's what they said) sea lions. All of this information is courtesy of the extra credit field trip I went on last night. ^_^

Second -- Star Wars isn't so much science fiction as it is space opera/modern fantasy. Just... trust me on that.

Third -- I HATE getting up early, and I'm going to have to do it for the next three days. When I have my own place, I won't be getting up till noon or later on holidays. Yelch.


Sunday, November 24, 2002
Hmmm... okay, how about a co-Link of the Moment? Because I like this one too, and it's useful enough that I want to have it with me when I go to the library (what, like YOU don't use YOUR blog to keep track of links you like!)...

http://idioms.chat.ru/ -- Russian Idioms Page


NEW Link of the Moment, people!!!

http://www.fanfiction.net/profile.php?userid=251094 -- Caroline's FF.Net stories!!! Go visit, she's good. ^__^


Saturday, November 23, 2002
Wow... updating my personal homepage feels good. I think I'll add a permanent link over there by my archive links, so you can get to it easier from here... in the meantime, here it is.



Oh, all right, I give up. I'm going to make all those URLs in all my earlier posts links. Sigh.


WHOOHOO!! TODAY was VERY cool. Let's start lining up the good news, shall we??

First -- my team, the Ohio State Buckeyes, WON AGAINST MICHIGAN!!! 14-9, and it came down to the last second (literally). Our first 13-0 season, ever, and our 29th conference championship (Michigan has single-handedly destroyed our championship seasons about a half dozen times). I even got my CA siblings to cheer for us! Go Ohio!

Second -- Caroline has a blog!!! Visit here: http://cybercasper.blogspot.com/ (I'm also going to link to that on the links page, never fear). She's very cool.

Third -- I got an A- on my Geography essay! Once my website is actually up and running again (I'm waaay behind schedule; in fact, my next stop is to go change the schedule around to reflect how far behind I am), I'll add it to the public essays. It isn't very good, to tell the truth, but an A is an A (okay, okay, an A- is an A-)

Fourth -- The BUCKEYES WON!!! Whoohoo!!! I'm going to be singing Carmen Ohio all day long... and I'm wearing OSU stuff around Disneyland today, too.

Okay, that's really all the good news I can remember offhand... oh, I've also joined the Vista Line Party, the official Los Angeles LOTR line in Hollywood. All these line events are my major benefit, to balance the severe disadvantage of not being able to sit in the 'shoe and watch OSU football. Sigh. Okay, stuff to do, will update later.


Wednesday, November 20, 2002
Hmmm... a long and extremely frustrating/depressing day. Suffice to say I won't be a Materials Testing Technician anytime soon, and from now on, everything that I find out that's an important detail pertaining to my long-term goals and aspirations, gets WRITTEN DOWN right away.

On the upside, Caroline is now my friend on Friendster. Given that we've been sisters for 16 years, it's nice to have that kind of affirmation.


Tuesday, November 19, 2002
Alas and alack, the previous Link of the Moment has ceased its existence rather prematurely. So now I've changed it to something different (look down and see).

Meanwhile, I've come up with a better one. It's actually two, and it's an old favorite and a newer one. The first is my Star Wars Line's page -- these are the people who put it together and drove themselves insane with details trying to run the whole thing. At one time I wanted to be one of them, now I'm just focused on getting into the top 10 in the 2005 line. ^__^ The second is TORN, home of all things Lord of the Rings, including the LOTR lines for The Two Towers next month.


You might wonder why I'm not putting these in as links, and I'll tell you -- because I don't feel like it.
(edit -- never mind, I'm making everything link-style now...)


Wow... so it's been a few days, it has. At least I have a good excuse -- several, in fact! Between an LOTR extended viewing party (kudos to Larry and family), seeing Harry Potter twice (thanks to my parents and the Vance family) and the fact that no one reads this anyway, I think it doesn't matter that it's been eleven days since an update.

In any event, I'm still contemplating another URL of the moment. I'll probably post one tomorrow, and I promise it won't have anything to do with school. Unfortunately I still don't have any blog addresses of friends, but I am working on it. Now, I'm going to bed.


Friday, November 08, 2002
All right, got that figured out. Gah, I'm turning into quite the rambler. Oh, well, at least I'm true to the (current) page description. Of course, no one who I know of who has a weblog has given me their URL, which makes the friends thing a bit silly. But it's the first day, I suspect this whole thing will need some time to grow. I hate knowing all these grown-up people, none of them are willing to risk their reputations with a weblog.


Now, see, those are pretty colors! MUCH nicer than it was before, in any case. My next task, it seems, is to figure out how to link to my friends. Hmmm...


As... some character from TV whose name I can't remember offhand might say, "eeeeeexcellent!" I can see it with Windows Cyrillic. Unfortunately none of the others that I have work; someone using Mac let me know if you can see it? Actually, someone with Netscape probably ought to speak up, too, since I only have IE. Anyway, I'm going to try and figure out how to change some settings.


Ah, time to show off a bit. Actually, this is just a test, but see, if I really just wanted to test it, and had no intention of showing off, I'd just delete this message once it appears. And if you're reading it, then I haven't, have I? Of course, we could get all cat-in-a-box-with-poison-gas now, and argue that since I'm still writing it now, from my perspective, then whether it exists or not won't be certain until someone reads it... and I could get creepy, and start considering the implications of what this message means if it does get deleted. Of course I suspect the answer to THAT is, well, that I'm insane. Anyway, here goes the showing-off (not like I haven't been for the last six lines, though, eh).

Ó ìåíÿ åñòü ïàëàòêà. Ó òåáÿ íåò ïàëàòêè. Êàê äåëà? Äîáðå óòðî. Âëàäèìèð. Ìîñêâà. Þðè Ãðåãàðèí.

Okay, hopefully that shows up as Russian. Let's see what encoding is needed...


Thursday, November 07, 2002
Ah, I know, something I can do for this so it's marginally more entertaining than it has been over the last five hours. Sad, really, you expect more from entertainment these days, I know. But I have to claim the midterm as an excuse.

Anyway, let's try a Link of the Moment. I'm too honest with myself to call it the Link of the Day; I'll probably come up with a half dozen tomorrow and then none until mid-December.

[note: I've edited from here on in -- the previous link is no longer valid, and I think that two weeks isn't quite long enough ^_^]


This is Project Gutenberg, home (well, one of them -- there are a ton of mirrors out there) of plain vanilla text versions of public domain books (you know, like Shakespeare and Charles Dickens, stuff that's no longer copyrighted). Anyway, by definition, there are no copyright issues here (LOL) and the site and project have been around since before forever... so I don't think we'll see any problems like I had with the last site of the moment.


Oh, gosh, that was a fun midterm... okay, fine, so it wasn't. Next time I'm going to have to study more terms, I wasn't expecting to have to define "daughter stable nuclei." But I got to draw some cute diagrams of the wrong way to build a landfill. Next up is my work on my brother's birthday novel and finding some cheery quotes about Tito for my geography class. If that sounds like a tall order to you, then we're in agreement. And on Saturday I am SO going to Disneyland.


All right then, that was interesting. I'll have to think of something to say now, won't I. But not till after my midterm this afternoon. Environmental Geology is just ever so much fun -- NOT. But at least we're being tested on interesting things; can't wait to show off that I know the differences between alpha, beta, and gamma radiation.


Hello! This is my first attempt at a weblog. Let's see how this works out, shall we?


Because only so many people can be eleventh in line.