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Sunday, April 24, 2005
Gather together in his name.  
Due to a series of unfortunate coincidences, I was unable to take my weekly break from the Star Wars line this week. The last two weeks, I've gone to Larry & Kathy's house on Saturday night, then church in the morning. But last night, Larry was at the Ringers premiere party (too expensive for this on-a-budget fan, sigh -- will I EVER see the part I'm in???) and that ended so late that he had to just go straight home, leaving me at the line. Since Greg, the only other adult living at Larry's house, was spending the night here, I had to, too. That meant sleeping in someone's van (it rained, sniff) and of course, no church in the morning.

Now, staying at Larry's house once a week has certain perks. I can take a nice long shower, I can do my laundry, I can eat dinner with a family and all that. But none of that helps me as much, I think, as the church meetings.

It's funny, but this whole line is a highly communal experience. I'm surrounded pretty much continually by people of like mind. Generally, for 165 hours a week, those people are of like mind regarding Star Wars, the line itself, the Chinese, etc. And three hours a week (more if you count the time at Larry's house before and after church) are with people of like mind regarding the gospel.

I can't even explain why it is that this kind of gathering helps me feel more centered and complete (either in my geekiness or in the gospel,) but it does. Not having it makes me feel out of place. It makes morning prayers, especially, more difficult (especially when I've been looking forward to church all week long.) It's easier to forget who I am and how I'm supposed to be. It's one thing to be living in Ohio, not seeing my geeky friends for a few months, and more or less forgetting about Star Wars -- it's another going even just a week without gathering with my friends at church.

I'm not expressing myself very well today, I fear. Suffice to say that while I'm definitely looking forward to a real shower today or tomorrow (depends on who shows up to the line tonight as to where that will be) and the chance to do laundry and, dare I say it, the ability to sleep in -- the thing I'm already really, really looking forward to is my three hour block next Sunday. And meanwhile, I'm going to go read the lesson manual entries for today, and feel wistful. ^_^


Saturday, April 16, 2005
Day... aw, geez, I've been here a long time...  
I could really use a night on a soft sofa somewhere...

I've got about 250 hours in line so far. I'm fourth in line. I'm 80 hours behind the person who's first -- and less than 20 hours behind the person who's 3rd. It's a real horse race!

Yesterday we had a fun day re: tickets and theatres and such. Read about it elsewhere, please, I beg of you.

I saw Empire Strikes Back in the theatre it premiered in (the Egyptian, down the street) last night. It was awesome. For about two hours it felt like LUN was a real group again. Wish I could feel that on opening night of Ep. III.

My badge glowed in the theatre. It was the awesome. YYYAAAAAY RUSTY!!!

Spoiler Yoda sits here, mocking me.

I have also lost all interest in long paragraphs. I think it'd help if I could sleep on the aforementioned sofa. Larry, come down to the line, please.

Jackie has gone missing. Will keep the universe -- aka all three of you -- updated as needed.


Sunday, April 10, 2005

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Note to Wil: try to look yourself in the mirror the next time you want to praise yourself for not having become William Shatner. Thanks.

EDIT: Tell you what, Wil. Do some "research" and see if you can get your "facts" straight. I know that "facts" are really annoying for guys like you because they contradict what you'd like to believe. Come down to the line and talk to me. Tell me to my face that what we're doing is worthy of mockery, and that your shirts are incredibly hilarious. Answer the payphone for twenty minutes. See if it changes your perspective at all.


Friday, April 08, 2005
Day 7, 11:38AM  
HOLLYWOOD, CA -- Courtesy of a TOTALLY AWESOME Detroit radio station we are getting PIZZA delivered to the line. The delivery guy showed up at exactly 11:38am. And the moment may well be preserved in Entertainment Weekly. So not kidding.

It was 97.1 -- Greg and Michelle from the Motor City Middays Show. Give them love. They deserve it.


Thursday, April 07, 2005
Star Wars Line, Day... 5!  
HOLLYWOOD, CA -- Between 8 and 120 Star Wars fans are lining up for a movie that isn't even showing at the theatre they're at. D'oh!

Gah. The media can really bite sometimes. Of course, so can life, and the media just won't die, and here we are.

Seriously. What is up with all of you? Get a grip. Quit it with the threats of violence and the mockery. At the very least, if you call us, come up with something better than haning up, please. We're here no matter what, and we don't mind answering the phone, but it pains us to see you waste perfectly good cell minutes and long distance time on something so utterly boring.

I'm in line for Star Wars outside of Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, CA. This is where Star Wars lines are meant to be. This is where this line is going to stay. We'll see Episode III at 12:01am, together. That's enough for me. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to text my friend to see if she's going to be coming down here tomorrow night.


Saturday, April 02, 2005
This is our most desperate hour...  
It's down to the wire. The final stretch. The last, greatest effort is just in front of me.

I have two days left before I leave for the line.

And I have approximately 75 lbs of ice cream to eat before then.

Jackie says that ice cream lasts, but I fear she is wrong.

The 2/3rds left of my half-gallon of premium Mint & Chip ice cream will not survive two months alone in the garage freezer.

The 8 chocolate-coated ice cream pops will be toast before May even begins.

And I doubt the ice cream cake I got at work yesterday will survive the week.

No, my friends, it is my solemn duty -- sent down from on high -- to consume each and every tablespoon of this delicious sugary goodness in the next 48 hours. I may die of tooth decay and lactose poisoning before I get to see Episode III, but I will not be turned from this -- dare I say it? I dare -- holy obligation.

I do hope your prayers/best wishes/happy karmic waves will be with me in this, my hour of darkness.


Woe is me!  
The Star Wars line starts in about 16 hours. Annnnnnnd... I'm still in Ohio. Bleh.

We knew this moment was coming, but it still bites. The boards are dead, there's nothing to do but pack and burn CDs and so forth. And since I'm nowhere near the fun, all of that preparation stuff is just really depressing and boring to me at the moment.

It'll ironically get easier, I think, after 4pm EST tomorrow. I'll probably call the line, say hi, and get on with things. My flight leaves at 11am on Monday. Really wish it was leaving now. Sigh.


Because only so many people can be eleventh in line.