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Tuesday, December 24, 2002
I decided to make my own INTJ logo.


Oh, duh, forgot to mention a Major Happening. I've been hired at Disneyland! I'll be in the shops, it looks like. This will be great fun -- I hope.


I wrote another essay, called "Do I Hate You?" I suppose the title is self-explanatory.



Friday, December 20, 2002
This is the coolest website ever, and is officially the Link of the Moment!!!



Sunday, December 15, 2002
All right, my first Astronomy Tower fic has been published. Basically, I've realized that as my many plans for HP 5th/6th/7th/post-Hogwarts novels are going to take forEVER to actually get done, it's probably better to start excising the various plot bunnies surrounding those plots, and publishing them at FA as they get done. "Midnight" is actually about an incident that occurs between my fifth and sixth year book plots, and it's something that would not actually have been seen or mentioned in the course of the book, most likely. However, it's sweet and it's an important back story for my meta plot (the one that goes all the way up to 2015 and beyond, and all the way back to 1864...), and anyway, I've never really written romance before and thought this was a good way to begin. You can see it here:



Tuesday, December 10, 2002
This random bit of silliness comes from Caroline's site. She has an Urban Legend Generator, you see:

The legend of the haunted Grauman's Chinese has been passed down from kid generation to kid generation. And our very own Sarah is the keeper of the tale...

One hundred years ago, a group of Star Wars Line Nerds arrived at the Grauman's Chinese with the fortune that they had earned from Camping out in line. Since some Mormons had heard of the treasure and wanted to steal it, they hid their money in a secret spot there and agreed to split it later on. Unfortunately, one of the Star Wars Line Nerds had the silly idea of stealing the money and fleeing to Lithuania.

When the others heard of this plan, they tricked him into meeting them by the beach outside the city. Nobody knows what happened there on that night, but none of the Star Wars Line Nerds were ever heard from again. Some say that the schemer killed the others and had to flee to Lithuania before getting the money. Some say that they all died in a freak avalanche. And some say a magical giant sloth punished them for their greed, turning the lot of them into ghosts.

But, whatever happened to the Star Wars Line Nerds, everyone noticed odd things happening in the Grauman's Chinese where the money had been cleverly hidden. Any person who entered there could swear that he or she saw the ghosts of the Star Wars Line Nerds, who threatened them with harm if they attempted to stay. The building was soon abandoned, and the ghosts made sure that nobody could take the money that they had never gotten to use in life.

Pretty cute, yes? Of course, yes.


I am an innocent! How do YOU personify aevil?

How do you personify Aevil?

Brought to you by Aevil Fuzzies.


Saturday, December 07, 2002
Okay, so it's been a few days since I updated. All right FINE, it's been many days since I updated. But I have a good excuse - these last few days have been killer, and now I can't go to Josh's holiday party (but I do get to go out to dinner! er... yeah...) I have to make a diarama for Marine Biology (very sixth-grade, I agree), finish writing a paper for Marine Biology (oil spills! whoohoo!) and actually finish my first Elfwood thing. It's not going to get publicized just yet; all it will be is a prologue to a longer story. Oh! I also have to study for two final exams, buy science fair boards for my geology class (I'll link to the webpage explaining what we did once it's done), and study for the marine biology final (which will be a killer), too. I have 456.5 points out of 500 -- so as long as I don't completely and totally mess things up, I actually have an "A" right now.

Speaking of school -- new link of the moment!


I love these people.


Tuesday, December 03, 2002
Right, now Caroline's posting her Personality links, so I have to, too.

I am both a Reformer and a Thinker/Investigator/Experiementer in the Enneagram universe.



And I am an INTJ in the Meyer-Briggs tradition.


I can't FIND any good images for the INTJ profile. I might just have to make one up myself.


Sunday, December 01, 2002
And more stuff from the Peanut Gallery (that's what my geography teacher calls me and the rest of the front row, especially the two of us on the left-hand side of the classroom). First, and foremost, let me just say that sea otter skeletons are really sad. They're so cute and cuddly and well, without that whole flesh and blood thing. And it's just sort of sad.

Moving on! I had a few brief moments of paranoia when I thought my sister (hi, Caroline) was stalking me. Then I remembered that I said that thing about Star Wars right here, on this very board! So now I just feel like an idiot.

I'm going to have fun tomorrow. I'm for sure going to Autumn's birthday party (btw, hi Autumn! Happy birthday!) in Orange County, but I might also be meeting line people (Star Wars line, that is) at Disneyland. Can't get enough of that place. My dad thinks I should work there. If my brother gets his homework done, though, I'll be seeing a movie instead.

Other news: overhead transparencies are expensive, the Japanese government and people are worried about the loss of... shall we say, "purity" of their language. Actually, after reading that article in the LA Times, I can see where they're coming from. The word for "turtle" and the word for "compact disc" really ought not sound the same. Yes, Caroline, I'm trying to find a link for you.

And... I only had ONE class to go to this week, but I compensated for that with TWO extra-credit trips to Cabrillo Bay. Free parking both times (once by coming in after hours, the other time by parking on a 60 degree upward slope a few blocks away) made it less painful -- it costs $7 per car to park near the museum.

Anyway, next week won't be as much fun. I have to find a geology class (I might be going to Glendale Community or Santa Monica College, since they both have super-condensed 5-week classes that finish in FEBRUARY!), I have to give a paper and presentation in Geology, I have to finish the script and planning sessions for the presentation in Geography, and I have to write a study guide for the first three chapters of my Marine Biology textbook.

That pretty sums up the day. Oh, one other thing, I've been accepted at Elfwood for publishing my non-fanfiction writings. Once I have some finished, I'll put up the link here.


Because only so many people can be eleventh in line.